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One tired girl

Absolute exhaustion has taken over today. I think I have had a busy weekend and went bed at 1a.m. both fri and sat (usually in bed by 10 to at least 10 hours sleep in) so got around 7-8 hours both nights. But of course for my body this isn't good enough and I feel like I have the worst hangover(without touching a drop of alcohol) in the world combined with total exhaustion and very achy, twitchy lungs. I have set up fort on the sofa with a duvet and don't plan to move for anyone.

Does anybody else experience this when they don't get enough sleep as their body demands? As some may have read on my other posts, I am tired pretty much all the time anyway but this is something else. Also does anyone have any ""mock-hangover"" tips.

Does anyone else feel like their lungs are almost sore when they are tired? Its really quite strange. They feel twitchy and I am easily out of breath today which PF is fine.

Also about the lloyds allergy reliever, see link:

My aunty suffers from a lot of hayfever and dust allergies but it all to do with sinus' rather than asthma but she swears by this and it doesn't have one bad view. It is being sold as hayfever relief which I don't have but I was wondering if anyone happens to have tried it for asthma related allergies as of course the nose and lungs are linked. Just a thought as its no chemicals and not more medicine, just infrared light as I understand. Can't hurt!

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Have you had a recent reduction in the amount of steroids you're on? Think you should go to GP if feeling so terrible after a reasonable amount of sleep! (I know its likely different but what you're describing is exactly how i describe adrenal insufficiency when untreated which is what made me think of it - there are loads of more likely causes like anemia). I tend to treat it like a hangover - drinking dioralyte and stuff can help although i think with adrenal insufficiency my salt levels are often more off than most people. If you have a headache taking paracetamol is unlikely to do any harm as well. Taking a nap is a good one, if your body is needing more energy than usual, a bit of sleep will do you a world of good - or if you are the kind of person who cant nap, lie in bed in a dark room with a film/tv show you know really really well on quiet and lie with your eyes closed - you may drop off but even if you dont your body will get a bit of a rest! its so frustrating when you have things to do, i once got to a point where i was sleeping about 18hrs a day, and completely useless the 6hrs i was awake, and i just used to spend three 20min bursts tidying my room or whatever, lived of microwave meals as it was all i had the energy to cope with etc. The one other thing, i know someone who swears by ""busy Bs"" which are vitamin tablets full of B vitamins and i think vitamin C and they are supposed to give you a bit more energy - no idea if it works as i've never tried it but she really believes in it! And i guess as always the standard eat well (esp if you may be vitamin deficient - maybe try to get plenty of iron if you may be anemic) and get plenty of exercise thing (getting exercise may improve quality of sleep so actually make you feel less tired) can never really go wrong as far as lungs will allow! lol! But yeah - if you are really excessivly tired then might be worth a trip to the GP or adding it on to the end of an appt if GP is ok with that might be a good idea, just to check nothing interesting is going on!! :-)


drinking dioralyte and stuff can help although i think with adrenal insufficiency my salt levels are often more off than most people.

Soph, do you have Addisons? I just assumed you had secondary adrenal insufficiency cos of the steroids... thats a right bummer if you've got primary AI.

Unigirl you sound just like me... and I dont have any answers. I just sleep stupid amounts of hours and still feel exhausted. Horrible isn't it, I slept solidly until 3pm yesterday :(

I hope you're able to find some answers and feel better

Lynda :)


Thanks soph, oh no that sounds terrible for you. so do you take medicine for this too. No medicine changes no. I am not on steroid tabs anyways, just on inhaled steroids. Well I have mentioned to GP numerous times just how tired I get, have had all the obv checks (thyroid, diabetes, anemia) and they never really go any further. I think I don't often look tired when I'm in there as I summon my energy to go there in the first place. I will make a note of what you've suggested. I had a quick look on NHS website and I have been thirsty for as long as I can remember (and of course need the toilet often because of this) but I guess i'm so used to it I don't think about it but these have been mentioned as signs.

You mention vit tablets, I am taking some from holland and barratt atm but before this I was taking berocca and this I found really good. This is the best one I've found and one of the nurses at my GP swears by it herself.

I am definately going to push this but cons currently thinks I have something hiding behind my asthma so we are looking for this atm.


Nah, its secondary but ive had a lot of issues with my U&Es, (enough that they are looking into primary AI although i doubt it) i have to say i thought both primary and secondary AI had salt issues, but i get a lot of gastrointestinal symptoms with my AI so i guess maybe thats why i have had dodged bloods! sigh! I just really hope my adrenal glands will start putting a bit of effort in! lol!


Fingers crossed it is just secondary... your adrenals should still be producing aldosterone in secondary (aldosterone production is knackered in primary) thus you shouldnt have salt issues. I wonder if you're not properly absorbing your replacement hydrocortisone if you have gut problems? Hope they get it sorted for you..


we've had a bit of discussion about absorbtion, i feel so shocking off pred and so i wondered if im not getting the full hydro dose, the other issue is that obviously within a few days of being off pred my lungs notice and catch up and so i end up feeling horrible lung-wise and not sleeping and therefore feeling tired, so it could just be that! argh! i dont know - far too complicated for my tired brain to manage! lol!


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