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Omeprazole alternative

It's all got a bit complicated trying to sort out my medications to come home from university for easter, think i've timed everything else right, but i've run out of omeprazole - i know, i know, really stupid of me, there are reasons behind it which im not going to go into now, but i cant change what i've already done!

So yeah, i need to last without Omeprazole until at least monday, but if possible until a week on thursday (when i'm seeing my GP anyway - Omeprazole is not yet on my repeats as i was trying it for 6 weeks to see if it worked so it will be muuuuuch easier to get the meds thurs, and i really dont like using emergency appts when i dont have to) the only reflux meds i have heard of are gaviscon, and if it works how i think it works, i wouldn't have thought it would reduce asthma symptoms caused by reflux? So has anyone ever had an over the counter alternative to Omeprazole, or know of one, or know if you can get Omeprazole without a prescription??

Thanks :-)

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if you take your omeprazole box into a pharmacy, they can (and should) give you an emergency supply for a few days - I have done this before. If not, the pharmacist will be able to advise you on an over the counter alternative.


You can buy ranitdine over the counter is a H2 agoinst rather than a Proton Pump inhibitor but is used for reflux


(a box with your prescribing label on of course!)


thanks team!!! :-)


Hope you got to the chemist and got meds sorted by now but just to add that my DH is on omeprazole and ran out before he could get an appointment for a repeat prescription review.

You can buy it over the counter so should see you through until you go to GP appt.

Take care and enjoy your break from Uni x


Oh dear it is easily done, I have done that before but with one of my inhalers that I was trying out on that occasion I phoned my GP surgery explained the situation to them and they pushed an urgent order for collection the same day.

I do hope you manage to get your medication.

Enjoy your break from uni.


Managed to get enough meds to get me to friday - hopefully will be able to sort something by then.

I was in a completely ridiculous situation. A GP has said he'd put it on my repeats, but had put it on 'acute' list of meds, but he was off so it couldnt be moved by anyone else without seeing me. Couldnt have a telephone appt while im 2hrs drive away as they dont like to do it if they deffo cannot see the person (and i suspect theyd want to see me coz they always do)! couldnt temporarily register with my old GP (they didnt say why - just that i couldnt just to issue a script - and id already told them so too late to lie), couldnt get to the drop-in place without walking up a big hill (and if im going to A&E i can probs get a script from them!!), pharmacy didnt have an OTC version of what i wanted, cant register temporarily with a new GP, so just gave up and paid the £6 for a private prescription (emergency supply) of omeprazole. Sigh - it seems silly to pay when i can get them free, but really had exhausted all other options!

moral of the story = never trust GPs to sort repeats properly, and have more than you need of every drug before leaving home for 4 weeks! sigh! thanks for all the advice though guys :-)


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