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Uni interview

Hi all!!

Hope your all doing dandy in this weather!!??

Anywho, my question to you amazing peoples out there, for those that applied to uni, and have annoying asthma that causes you to have time off etc, did you ever mention your asthma during the interview stage or did you keep it hush hush until you hopefully got in!?

I have a uni interview on Friday and not sure when the best time is to mention it all!?

Thanks in advance!!


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Hi Stray,

Thank you so much for your response, it is rather helpful. I have applied for Paramedic Science, so would that make a difference at all!?



When I went my asthma was severe and did make me have some time off lectures but this was not something uni.were aware of or asked about before I started.

They were great when I was on thr course and had issues.

Good luvk with the interview!!!



good luck charlie x

keep us posted :)


Just wanted to wish you lots of luck.

I never went to uni, but did go to college in late teens when my asthma was apain in the ass. I had several trips to hospital, so time off and had to leave quite a few lectures when asthma played up. I never mentioned it in the interview process cos it never came up, but they were really good about extending assignment deadlines and giving me lecture notes when I was poorly.


Hi i had two uni interviews before Christmas.

because i applied through ucas at my school my 'poor health' went in my reference and there was a tick box (like the ones for dyslexia etc)

so the uni already knew with me, and i only got asked at one interview where they were talking about a reduced offer due to the amount of time i had spent in hospital. (so i guess that was reasonable)

but they can't discriminate against you if they do know like stray said. however i found it helpful knowing what they could do to help me while i was studying e.g missed lectures and health safety for working in a lab.

so i overall found it helpful for them to know, and also you can gauge the interviewer's reaction and sometimes (not always) it can indicate they're willingness to accommodate you at the university.

but universities need to fill their 'quotas' so to speak (it sounds terrible but its true) so it could work for you in a way.

personally if asked (like i was) i answered with a few things about work ethic and how i had to work harder with all the time off i'd missed and avoided mentioning the number of icu admissions.

so i think its okay if you spin it into a positive, and dont go into the nitty gritty.

hope that helps

:) (dont be nervous it is nowhere near as bad as you'll think it could be)

and good luck


Good luck for your interview Charlie.


Good luck with the interview Charlie!

Health probs was part of my application form also because they have to fill quotas. But I agree you can pick and choose what to tell them to spin a positive angle on things ;-)

Rose xx


Good luck Charlie warlie. Let us know how you get on. Xxx


Good luck!


Hey all!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

I didnt get asked about it, but whag i done was when they asked ifni had any questions, i spun it around and asked how they would help and support and applicant qhk was poorly or who had preveious poor health, and they seemed rather supportive.

So, fingers crossed



Well done Charlie! Fingers crossed for you ;-)

Rose xx


Nice one Charlie. I hope you hear from them soon with a positive result. All the best. x


Good luck

not been on for ages. My asthma is alot worse now xxx


Hey Charlie,

Super good luck with ur interview!

When I applied for my nursing my asthma was unstable I did discuss it with the uni at an open day, kind of unofficially just to see what they said and what support they would be prepared to offer. When I was accepted it was on occy health clearance and when I saw them they were of the opinion that asthma was not something that would determine whether or not you could do the job, but was something that you as a student had to take responsibility for with regard assessing how well u are and whether you feel it would be safe for u to do certain tasks and then they would back you up. For example the use of actichlor (a beach product used in hospitals) can set me off so I try and avoid it and take prophylactic ventolin and occy health then initiated the use of a different product that I could cope with better. Does that make any sense??

Sounds like a great course, make sure u let us know how u get on

Becca Xx


Oops just realised I'm too late with my advice lol

Well done tho and I'm glad they were positive about the prospect that students do get poorly!

Fingers crossed now that u get a spot!!

Becca xx


Thank you all you wonderful people, im really hoping i get in also, it really is something iv always wanted to do, and yes i have crappy asthma, but why should it sictate to us how we lead our lives!? Isbt it doctors that always tell us we control our asthma, not our asthma control us!?

Well fingers crossed to me anyway lol


Ps just realised how rubbish ny last message was with my text, silly fumble thumbs on the phone!!


Sorry I'm also late with the good luck :)

Glad it went well, when will you hear back?


Hi Charlie,

It sounds like you did a great job! I've been on a lot of job interviews in the past few years, and it's kind of similar about how much to say. Officially they can't ask you specifics about your health here in the U.S. either, but if you need accomodations it's often best to mention this earlier rather than later, if nothing else your interviewer feels like you gave them a heads up earlier, and if it's the kind of school/job you want to be at, you want to know how they will treat you when you are there.

So generally I don't bring up health stuff on the interview, unless it was like last year where I had surgery, so it was a good reason to say...I was out of work because of the surgery, and ""now that's all taken care of."" You know put a positive spin on it.

Then with my current job my friend had just started working there and had an incident with her eye so was able to give me some info. on how my current place works. So I did let my supervisor know that sometime sooner/or later I will need a pacemaker battery, I did this when she was offering me the job (so she couldn't take it back), but also because I needed to know how they would handle that if I didn't have any sick days yet.

So far my current job has been good. It's sometimes stressful because of course I don't like being the exception to certain things, and I have another good friend who's had some trouble with employers through no fault of her own. So giving a bit of info., with a positive spin, to sort of feel the waters out (at the right time) is usually best, until you know what footing your on.

Oh, and my asthma didn't kick up as much until graduate school, but my professors and doctors were quite helpful with giving me extensions for papers and such when I needed them. There were a few professors who weren't helpful, but they were few and far between, and usually changed their tune if they had to deal with an unexpected illness.



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