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Real or Artificial Christmas Tree?


I was after some advice from anyone who may know the answer.

My daughter is 4yrs old and has suffered from Asthma since 13mths, we have always made a family time of going to get a real Christmas Tree every year but I have heard recently that these can put more moisture and pollens into the air so can aggravate the condition.

Does anyone know if this is the case and therefore would it be better for her if I get an artificial tree this year instead?

Thankyou to anyone who can give advice, as she seems to really suffer in the winter months when it's damp. I am also trying to tackle condensation in her bedroom as that also seems to aggravate it.

thanks again,

worried mum x

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Hi Worried mum

I would think that everyone reacts differently and has different triggers. But we found that it was a trigger for our son and we now have an artificial one. I believe it is the mould spores from the tree that is the issue.

I hope your daughter has a healthy Christmas.

Love Clare


I wouldn`t risk it, just use an artificial tree


As much as I would have liked a real tree we have played it safe this year with an artificial tree as my son doesn't have great control and I don't want to risk it with his multiple allergies. I'm sure it'll look great even if it's artificial.


I wouldn`t risk it, just use an artificial tree better be safe ! hope you littl one gets beter soon

mat :)


thanks for your comments, I think i'm gonna go artificial to be safe, she is really suffering tonight coughing her poor heart out, it seems to be pollens, and damp cold weather that triggers her as she is always so bad this time of year :0(


I react badly to pine trees, but firs and spruces are fine (although spruce is prickly). We always had pine trees growing up and most of us put up with being stuffy for a few weeks. After we had a fir for the first time though, never looked back.



When I was younger my family always had a real tree, and mum just made sure that all the pines where hoovered up straight away etc and that there was a lot of ventilation, and I never realy had major problems. The same with artificial trees, initially they are great as nothing on them?! but what we found was then when being stored in the box it collected alot of dust whilst in storage which made my lungs very angry, so what we do now is got a christmas tree bag that zips up and prevents dust collecting which is great!!

so i guess if you get the right storage bags etc then it would be better to get an artificial tree as you cant go wrong.



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