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Sky Lanterns

Lamps and lanterns have been related to prayer, wishes and good will right from the start of energy. This is why why Wish lanterns or Sky Lanterns <link removed by passing moderator - advertising as per forum terms and conditions> since they are known one of the Chinese this important place in their tradition. These lanterns are flying lanterns built completely of bamboo and oiled paper having a combustible substance beneath to fireside it to the heavens. These chinese sky lanterns can handle going into the sky for huge distances so that they are visible for miles around. These lanterns could light up the sky bright enough to read by their light even if high above the roof tops. Today they are incorporated into a great many other cultures also and is also akin to a festival in many areas of the world. Chinese lanterns attended a considerable ways from other home space and also have become a global phenomenon today.

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I hope I don't offend anyone but this looks like spam, sorry if i'm wrong.

I work at a vets and have seen horrible consequences from these lanterns, I don't like them.

Sorry if I have upset or offended anyone, please remove my post if it is offensive.



Indeed Button, they can be dangerous to many animals as they often have wire frames. Plus there is also the risk of fire. The RSPCA advice is here Chinese (sky) lanterns. Many organisations are calling for them to be banned. Some people have reported them as strange lights or UFOs too! Their link didn't work on mobiles either.


I'm with you Button - people don't realise their danger to animals.


I am with you too Button, hate the damn things, find several over the years in my garden, look lethal. I always say if you want to do something symbolic to remember someone or mark a special occasion, donate your money or time to a good cause, or alternatively took something for the environment like plant a tree or a special plant to remember a loved one.


I agree with you Button, these do pose a risk to our wildlife and not to mention the danger of fire.


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