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Stressed lungs & strange cough

Stress never really used to be a trigger for my asthma but the last 2-3 years its decided it is!

Over the last 3-4 days my lungs have been throwing a strop, my nan's funeral is today :'-(

Nothing major just uncomfortable i'd say really, and more blue needed than usual (normally i'm very well controlled and only need the reliever about once a week).

Last night i had a tickly cough that woke me up, it didn't really feel like an asthma cough so i had a drink to try and settle it. That didn't work so i thought what the heck couple puffs of blue won't hurt might as well give it a go - and surprisingly that seemed to settle it.

Not really looking forward to this afternoon (funeral is 2pm), not only have i got the stress / emotion of the actual funeral to get through but my mum's brother and sister both smoke. We're going back to the brother's house (yes i know he's my uncle but i don't really get on with him) which also was my nan's house til she went into a care home 3 years ago. Obviously there's not going to be any 'no smoking' rules so my lungs i think are going to complain loudly (literally!! My main symptom is a cough).

Sorry for such a long rambling post i just wanted to vent really

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Sorry to hear about your nan :(

I hope the funeral went as well as these things ever do, and that your lungs behave themselves.



Sorry to hear the sad news about your Nan. I hope your lungs are behaving themselves.


thanks piglet & lou, i found it really difficult, i dissolved almost straight away. I was sitting next to my favourite cousin though and we supported each other

the smoking thing wasn't as bad as i expected cos that same cousin is pregnant so the smokers weren't smoking near her (sod the asthmatic we'll ruin her lungs but protect the unborn baby!)

my lungs aren't particularly happy but i guess they could be worse, i've needed my reliever quite a bit today, including just when we came out of the crem

i guess now is the time to try to move on though i suspect it'll be difficult at first, i hope my lungs start to calm down now


Hi jinglefairy,

Really sorry to hear about your nan and about what an extra difficult day its going to be. I hope you got through it as best as you could.

Stress is now one of my triggers and quite often will start with a random couple of coughs.



Hope your lungs do calm down! Really sorry to hear about your nan, funerals are horrible :(

Be nice to yourself for a bit and let your lungs de stress!


Sorry about the loss of your grandma.

I hope you have no delayed asthmatic affects.


Hope your lungs settle down soon. I am so sorry about your Nan


Thanks guys,

My friend said it was a lovely service yesterday and as she's not part of the family she can look at it objectively so i'll take her word for it, i was just so upset i couldn't really say whether it was nice / average / rubbish.

emotionally i'm ok now but physically i'm feeling generally pants today, i can't work out whether it's a cold / hayfever / generally unhappy lungs :-( i've been in work, but for much of the day wishing i wasn't

I've been taking my reliever fairly regularly - every 4 or so hours. I last had it about 30 minutes ago so once the shakes have fully worn off in about another 30 minutes i'll go and try to do some piano practice - it's the only instrument i *really* can't play when the shakes have taken hold


Hugs. X


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