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Account suspension

I am mentioning this here because another non-asthma site I moderate are working something that I think might be useful here, it runs along the lines of:

Because we can not guarentee there will be more than one moderator around at any given time, if a moderator is concerned about a users posts or behaviour they can and will suspend the account pending a review by other admin. We are doing this because as we are all too aware there are times when a moderator is ""on duty"" alone it is a heavy responsibilty if something crops up. It is far better to suspend a user for a few hours until back up arrives and any further action or not can be taken with the full agreement of the moderating team. Also sometimes when things get heated a little time out is no bad thing.

One other thing cathy and Steve you said you noticed graf-whats-his-face re-registering I did not see that, is there an extra level of mod-dem land that I can't see. I am not worried BTW I was just curious. Also is the only way to remove a whole post to start at the bottom and edit/remove working your way up the 1st post which can then be removed as there are no replies to it IYSWIM.


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As a mod, you can delete an entire thread by just deleting the opening post.

Cathy spotted GrafxArt because of a post that he'd made using his new account. There *is* another layer of moderator-y goodness, but only Luke can access it - neither Cathy nor I can.

I like your idea of ""emergency account suspension"" should the need arise. What do others think?


I notice that Cathy has already replied to the other copy of this thread. We're still waiting for Luke to make us moderators on this particular board - when he does, we'll be able to delete this thread!


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