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anything stronger than bricanyl available

just wondered if there is a reliever available that is stronger than bricanyl. its because if ever i get a tight chest doing normal day to day stuff then bricanyl is fine but when i play sport espacially football its just not doing its job. i end up struggling to breathe and have a really bad cough afterwards. wasn't sure if there was anything stronger i could take for when i'm doing sport?


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Hi Smithy

I have often asked after stronger relievers, but unfortunately there are none. If you are using an ordindary aerosol inhaler, using it with a spacer will probably help.



Hey Smithy,

If your having trouble with you asthma when exercising i suggest you see you doctor because this is a sign that you asthma may be getting out of control. As already said there is nothing ""stronger"" you can get but talk to you doctor as you may be able to increase the dose. You may also be able to try a different reliever (e.g. ventolin) as some people find certain ones work better than others. Do you take it before sport or after/during sport?

Hope this helps,



Hey smithy

sorry to hear your struggling while exercising, theres not really any stronger relivers around, singulair can be used in exercise induced asthma maybe you could talk to your gp about trying this.

hope this helps



Some great advice from everyone here so far.

I'd agree that if you're getting to the stage where your reliever is not doing the job, it's time to go and see your GP about adding/changing your preventative medication.

As was also mentioned, using any inhaler through a spacer will greatly increase its efficacy, so give that a go. If you're about to take part in strenuous activity, it is also a very good idea to take your reliever *before* you start as an extra preventative measure.


thanks for your replies guys. i use bricanyl turbohaler as a reliever so can't use a spacer with that and take seretide as a preventer. I always have a dose before i even start exercising but usually after about half hour or so of strenuous exercising my chest becomes very tight and need it again. I'm fine any other time. The only reason i asked about anything stronger is that a team mate said she had a similar prob so they gave her a stronger reliever though i should have asked what it was but it wasn't ventolin and I've used that in the past but found bricanyl works better for me... or at least it did!!



It's really worth going to see your doctor or asthma nurse - I had exactly the same problem and the asthma nurse was really helpful - going through the best time to take the bricanyl (15 mins before exercise) and upping the amount I could take. It has made a great difference and I'm taking the extra doses confident that it is ok.

keep up the exercise!


Hi Smithy - no, there's no ""stronger"" reliever, other than simply taking more of what you've got! However, if you are getting EIA (Exercise Induced Asthma) there are a couple of options - either looking at increasing your day-to-day preventative meds (.e.g increasing inhaled steroid, or possibly adding Montelukast if you're not already on this - this has been reported to be good for preventing EIA) - or perhaps trying sodium cromoglycate (Intal) pre-exercise, which can also be good for EIA.

Good luck with getting it sorted out.



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