Christmas Drug Orders

Just a quick reminder that it might be worth getting your repeat scripts in now to cover the Christmas period. I have just done all mine I put a note on saying ordering early for Christmas and there was no problem getting all my families repeats early. I did the same for all my sub cut supplies I am now happy I can easily get through to the 1st week in January without needing any worry.


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  • prescrition

    Just sent my reapeat off early bout 30 mins ago but didnt put request early for christmas dont think there should be a problem though my gp is quiet good just need to go to hospital and get some soft sets needles and syringes then sorted xx

  • Good plan Bex. For routine stuff like inhalers, etc, there shouldn't be a problem if you run out over Christmas - GP surgeries will open on the 27th & 28th December as usual, and the out of hours services will still be operating - but, if you have special orders such as the sub cut supplies make sure you have plenty, as suppliers have a nasty habit of taking holidays for a couple of weeks at times like this!

  • Also, make sure you order enough of the lesser prescribed drugs ( Like my IV ventolin!) and let the chemist know the day you have ordered it to start the ball rolling their end too!


  • My lot now keep bricanly when I pick up my script they order more. This saves me the trouble of having a locum pharmacist who orders the 1ml ampules and supplies me with 3 days worth!


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