So, what is it about the chocolate that seems to be hiding in all the handbags (and in all the LIkes)?

I thought it came up so often that it must be good for asthma, but my friend tells me that it is actually the opposite and can make things worse. I didn't know that last night when I tried it. I was having a bit of a breath-taking moment or two and, despite the chocolate (deep, smooth, dark, south american), things got worse.

What does chocolate do for you?


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  • Im fine with chocolate its peanut butter that does it for me only need to smell it and I can not breathe xxx

  • Kerry-anne ..

    There are ONE or two people that have that same effect on me.


  • Susy

    It took me a few reads but just got it what you said I giggled away for few mins xx

  • Laughter is the best medicine....unless having an ""A"" attack... I for one willing to still risk that for the chance of a good giggle and laugh!

    But always remember to have your inhaler at hand.


  • hi

    hi so people say chocolate can get you very spotty too and put weight on if you eat loads. to which is why i don`t eat that much anyway and no wonder why im having a few probs breathing then is their alanj susy andbody should i give up eating chocolate then it nice though maltesers and lindt thorntons cadburys yum yum yumerliscious from groovy chick

  • Chocolate makes everything really mucusy (eew!), but i don't eat it at all because it makes me really sick in the stomach for some reason.

  • I read somewhere that chocolate has Caffine, which in turn has theo in it. Same Goes for Coffee.

  • Dark chocolate does contain some useful things like Theobromins which are related to theophyllines.

    Also contains iron too!

    There is no truth in the fact that chocolate gives you spots!


    PS if you trawl the archives there is a big thread somewhere on the medicinal properties of chocolate - after all it is made from a plant, a bean so does that mean it counts as one of your five a day???

  • AlanJ... You ask .... what does chocolate do for me ? .... Well .......

    Makes me smile !!

    Kate Moss - You are a woman after my own heart. !!

    My Hubby gave me some beautiful rich dark continental chocolate full of fruits and nut last night to make up for the fact that I will have him under my feet for the next two weeks...

    Well I suppose that if he did not know after twenty four years how to get into the good books ... There would be little or no chance for us !


  • Oh yum yum yum, chocolate and a cup of weak black tea and i can cope with anything. Yummy chocolate, nothing better well maybe a hug! Actually no choccie wins hands down! What's your favourite chocolate or sweets Alan?, Lois

  • Lois

    It's got to be either Hotel Chocolat Chilli Truffles (deep,dark, sensuous chocolate, with just a hint of something a bit hot!) or Hotel Chocolat Drinking Chocolate (when it trickles down your throat it reaches those very special parts where no-one else has been before!)

    Mmmmmm. I've died and gone to heaven at the very thought.


  • Ok ... I am curious !!!

    What is this ""Hotel Chocolat"" and more importantly ....WHERE can I get some ?!?

    As I now feeling deprived !!

    Hugs and kisses from this wild and remote place .....


  • They have a website and do mail order! Or they have shops in big cities and shopping centres.

    Now I'm craving some! lol!

  • Beth and Sandie: Thank you so much for the info....

    Will now start throwing "" HINTS "" !!! ... Valentines is coming up after all !!!

    (although I already know that I am getting the present I really, really want)

    Hugs and Kisses from a Glorious ""SUN SHINE KISSED"" Orkney Isles


  • Mammy just came home with a giant bar of Galaxy. Oh my god, somebody pinch me!

  • Personal Service

    Hotel Chocolat is the finest of all emporia in Kensington High Street and, therefore, on my patch. If you prefer personal service, I might be able to arrange very special delivery for very special people.

    RBH is nearby: My list of special places is very short and can include RBH at any time. Just let me know. I could become the ""Man in the Hotel"".

    Recipients: Please make sure not too much drooling. Have to change afterwards! ;)

    Lots of love



  • AlanJ ..OK ...May just take you up on the ""special people"" offer if I may !

    ... And whist I am here ..... thank you for sending Kensington sunshine my way !

    Chocolates and Sun shine ...what more could this girl want or ask for !!!


    Love and Hugs xxx

  • Hotel Chocolat certainly do fab chocholates. Unfortunately, I do get a stuffy nose and a bit cloggy the day after eating chochies. I think the secret for me is to eat a sensible amount instead of diving into the whole box and also not to eat chocs late in the evening as the next day I find I am mucusy.

  • OK, who is giving up chocolate for lent????? LOL LOL LOL!

    He he he


    ... which cheeky grin on her chops!..............

  • Lent / Valentine's Day ?

    Valentine's Day / Lent?

    Life / Chocolate ?

    Chocolate / Life ?

    Kate, I think the answer is easy - You girls give up eating chocolate for Lent, us boys stay alive! You girls don't give up chocolate for Lent, us boys die if we do! I'm sure you know what I mean.



  • Kate Moss : I for one will not ...well cannot ! As will be placing ""My Chocolate"" order in the next day or two!!

    AlanJ : That is a really unfair choice to give us girls !!



  • I agree Susy, but it was Kate that suggested it not me. I was recognising the major fault in the thought - Just like in the film Chocolat - notice a theme?

    If us boys don't buy you girls choccies at Valentine's, we might as well declare celibacy instanly. I am sure you wouldn't support that, would you?


  • I have to buy my own chocolate this year:( Mind you dont really care that much for it but it would be nice someone buying me some I suppose if I dont have chocolate I cant complain im getting hips lol yeah al keep telling myself that!!!!

  • What is it with chocolate. Do I lack a gene or something? I can take it or leave it, usually leave it.

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