does any one know what i should do

hi all sorry havent been on for a while had a rough few weeks with my health. I am needing help or advise. Been told my asthma meds are not fully working and need to see a cons about it but someone else said i dont and now have no idea what to do. And getting very low about my asthma as having a big attacke every 4-6 weeks each one worse than the last and just want help to choose what i should do as am lost

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  • Hi Amanda,

    Welcome back...thought we hadn't seen you here for a bit but had updates from Snowygirl re attacks etc.

    Sounds like your asthma is taking over a bit!

    Bit confused though - did your GP say you need to see cons? Then who said you didn't? No expert but they need to stop dithering so they can get referral in if they're going to. Have you rung the nurses on here yet to see if they have any advice? Might help to lay it all out and see what they say, then maybe you can go back and say 'I think I do need to see a consultant, please refer me'.

    Hope this helps a bit - I'm not really an expert at all on this and know how frustrating it can be when doctors can't make up their minds and dither when you're struggling.

  • Hi,

    I would make an appointment to go and speak to your GP. Explain to him/her how you are feeling and if you would like to see a consultant then ask for a referral.

    If it was a doctor who told you the meds aren't working question them more fully? If you are having repeated attacks then you need a review.

    Go get em :)

  • i was told saturday that they werent working by the on site dr at the airshow i was at. Was so scared bout it as was the worst attack i had my gps dont think i need one just yet as not having big attacks weekly. My health well my asthma and my other problem i have at the moment are too much for me to cope with

  • Just tell your doctor nicely you are not happy how your asthma is and could you

    send me to a consultant unless you have other options and meds to try first.

    Good luck!!! xxx

  • no more meds to try on my last chance meds been told. I was fine could dance and everything now cant walk up stairs again with out getting out of breath feel rubbish

  • Sorry to hear your not feeling well. I would try ringing the auk nurses and see what they advise, but i go back to your gp and ask to be referred. I was in the same boat last year and had to torment my gps for 6mths before i got reffered to the hospital asthma clinic. My asthma was totally out of control, so if you feel its controlling your life like it sounds like it is, i would get referred and get it completely under control before it gets too out of control. Dont let the gp put you off, you may have to stand your ground. Good luck and i hope you feel better and get everything sorted very soon


  • thanks for that. Saturday was scary could say a full word my chest was so tight its the worst i have been its the first time i needed a neb with oxygen and i was alone couldnt ask for help or anything

  • Ha! I know what you mean about being told no more meds can try. Thought you hadn't been on here much. If there is nothing they will do and you're still struggling, you definately should see someone else. Can you see a different GP to ask for referral or other options?

    I'm now waiting first hospital appt after referral organised by asthma nurse. Saw senior GP who I'm registered with for the first time recently and said how much ventolin/peak flow/prednisolone courses etc. Had chest x-ray, bloods & now going for spirometry for the first time ever while waiting for appt. Now have pred. on repeat px after 4 courses in 5 months. Also given atrovent inhaler which hopefully is helping as lot better after pred. again last week.

  • My gp not much cop, hospital asthma clinic much more helpful. Gps denied probs were uncontrolled asthma even tho know to be asthmatic since 17 and kept trying to get me to buy a nebuliser. I dont see my gps unless i absolutely have to even then they dont really help or do anything- groan. Hospital did all tests, lung function etc and finally i got some sort of control of my asthma. If you have a good gp try them first and see how you go but dont let them fob you off.

  • yeah i just feel like im not bad enough to see a cons cos i know alot of people who see them are brittle asthmatics but im not that

  • Referral is not necessarily about how bad/severe/brittle you are, just if you can't get control even if you're not bouncing in and out of Costa, or if you go beyond what GPs can do. I'm not brittle, probably not even asthmatic and wasn't as bad as I am now when I was referred to resp. cons (definitely wasn't the first time I was referred!) but both times it was because GPs were totally stumped and felt I needed more of an expert assessment - that was also why I ended up in cardiology as well when I hadn't even considered heart issues - resp cons wanted more expert opinion on that side of things. Not that the experts have come up with anything yet, but I'm a weird case.

    I do know what you mean though about not wanting to insist - I'm rubbish at that and never would have pressed for a referral on my own even though I definitely think I needed it.

  • Im not brittle either thank god, but i see a cons regularly as well as the asthma nurse. The cons just reviews me and decides if meds need to be changed, but mainly i just see the asthma nurse.

  • i think its just i feel like im wasting time

  • I get that feeling sometimes but you really aren't - you are supposed to be in control of your asthma not vice versa, and if you aren't then you need someone to get you in control. GPs can only do so much and they should know and admit when they are beyond what they can handle.

  • right ok then. I think i need it cos i cant do my normal activitys now im going back to college a yeah they getting me a lift key but its scaring me that i will have an attack there and with what im doing mainly being with 16 year olds im worried i will get left

  • Not severe/brittle either but at max medication GP will give. Took a while to get anything added. Theophylline (? only other option before more regular prednisolone) only prescribed in secondary care i.e. by consultant/hospital here. The asthma nurses did referral letter and had it signed off by GP I think. Several months wait for me and it can be worth asking for choose and book options if you can get to different hospitals.

    As you, I may not be severe but only realising now (after being called stoic) the impact it has on energy levels and concentration at work etc. It's not a waste of time esp if you're been seen on an emergency basis like the weekend.

  • yeah it scared me cos i have lots of triggers and even with antihistamines i had a big attack

  • yeah it scared me cos i have lots of triggers and even with antihistamines i had a big attack

  • It does have a big impact on what you can do. I went on holiday with my family recently and didn't do much because I couldn't - every time someone suggested going somewhere all I could think of was 'how far is it?' I can work, because I sit on my backside all day and try not to move much. Pity the biscuits are the closest thing ;)

    Sounds good that you're going back to college Amanda - when do you start? You definitely want to be getting it sorted for that, studying not the doss some people think!

  • Yeah i know i am in big trouble if it dont sort it out, last year i went to the airshow and i was fine exact same conditions but this year i couldnt last 2 hrs before i started before any plane got in the air

    i start as psychology in september and im lucky the college what to look after me, i have told some girls on my course what to do it they see me struggling but i dont really want that to happen

  • At least you have a bit of time then, and it's good that the college is understanding. I really want to get sorted as well as I'll also be going back to study (part-time) this autumn and want my brain and lungs to be working properly! I hate the not being able to keep up with people walking as well, and having to explain why.

    Crossed fingers you get something sorted soon - maybe make a list or something of exactly how much it limits you, to show GP? I think mine was a little shocked to see how much it was beginning to affect me and she may be getting in touch with the consultant before my appt.

  • yeah just going in for 1 and a half hrs 3 times a week but i know what you mean the induction today knock me for ten

    thanks for you help

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