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out of breath

With my asthma When eating a meal my asthma realy puffs me out.

Due to see my con in June but getting me up earlier and also sending me for heart tests.

just wondering if eating puffs other people out with asthma ,before ,during and after meals along with flairups ?

love Glynis xxx

edit- been on google and its true,asthmatics can have breathing probs when eating meals also!

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Glynis, getting sort of breath when eating does not sound like asthma, maybe you have something else running along side the asthma which is confusing everything. I am sure your consultant will be able to dis-entangle things. I would write down all your symptoms and what tiggers them it will help when you get into the consulting room if you have that to refer to. I still take lists and stuff with me and I have been seeing my consultants for a while now.



Thankyou Bex,will write everything down for my con.

Be glad when its all sorted.

Yes got have heart tests also in April as to puffed out on inhalers etc

and then see my con again.

Love Glynis xxx


i get asthma-ish when i eat if im ill already coz i find it hard to co-ordinate breathing and swallowing, also i find when i feel full my chest feels tighter, nothing major unless im already struggling (less room for lungs to expand i thought?)


Breathlessness while eating

I get this when my asthma has been out of control and is just coming back to being controlled. It is because you naturally hold your breath for 4 seconds to swallow which if you are already struggling with breathing makes it difficult.

The way to get around it is by pacing, eat your meal slowly and at a steady rate and if you get breathless stop and have a rest for a few minutes (1-2) maybe take your blue inhaler if you think you need it an start again.

You should definately mention it to your consultant because if you are not just getting over an out of control time it could mean your asthma is heading to an out of control time.

Sometimes it can take me up to 1 hour to eat an entire meal but food is very important so persavance is very important as is getting used to cold food!

Hope that is of some help and to know you are not alone


p.s this all came from what my consultant told me, a nurse on resp ward said and a physio told me.


Thankyou Plumie,Backawayslowley and Bex ,

Glad its not just me,will tell my con when go,should

be going in june ,but seeing me Glynis xxxx


I would get puffed out eating meals in the years before I knew I had asthma. Used to feel so embarassed. Can remember going to birthday parties when I was wee and I'd still be at the table when the rest were out in the garden playing. Not because I was stuffing my face! I just had to take wee mouthfuls and sit or I'd be coughing my head off. Funny that asthma was never picked up in my childhood.

Something I have never been able to do and still can't do - causes much humour amongst my family - is walk and eat at the same time. They stroll along munching, or drinking from can of juice but I have to stop to do the same or I get very out of breath. Takes me the length of the park to take a small bar of chocolate. LOL

Best wishes Glynis on those tests. Sending a big GM hug,

nana xx


aaww! thanks Nanna xxxx


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