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We'll attempt to answer any tech queries about using the new boards here.I'll start with a few hints and tips.Folks requested the ability to see who's online at any given time. At the moment, you can get a count of the number of users logged-in at the top right of the page. If you click this you will get a list of those currently logged in.However, if you make people your buddies (click on their username and select this option from the subsequent screen) then you can click on ""buddies"" at the top of any forum page to see the on- or off-line status of all of your current buddies. This is a quicker way of checking the status of your pals without having to wade through a long list of users.Note that if you are hiding your profile, no-one can make you their buddy. If you want to allow your pals to see if you are on- or off-line you need to allow your profile to be viewable. You can do this in the ""contact options"" section at the bottom of your profile.Please feel free to ask any other questions you may have here, and someone will be able to answer them for you.

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  • Steve,

    Are new posts highlighted in anyway? Or is me just me not looking properly?

  • At the moment the only way to keep tabs on new posts in from the ""Recent Topics"" section on the main forum page.

    I agree that there needs to be a better way of doing it than this, because the old messageboard showed us that there could be posts to far more than four threads between visits!

    I will pass this suggestion on to Webeditor for you.

  • Chatroom

    Steve is there going to be a chatroom linked to this site?

    Also what is happening to the other boards like the childrens board??

  • There isn't going to be a chatroom to my knowledge. The current one at is staying in place.

    The kids messageboard is staying where it is on the old software.

  • Steve presumably our log in bits etc will stay when this goes live tomorrow?


  • is it me or why does it say a certain number of posts on the left under the topics, such as parents and carers 6 posts but when you click on it there are only 2 or 3 posts? Is this my pooter being slow?

  • Can you put the need to re-register somewhere on the front page spent a good few minutes checking which email address I signed up using then fruitlessly entering and re-entering it before trying the old user name and passsword and eventually decided that as I wanted to go from wheezyDoh to Bex I might as well just re-register anyway.


  • weird thing: the number of posts doesn't seem to change when there are actually new ones... we definately need a way to find the new posts easily.

  • Agreed - the need to re-register needs to be made more obvious, the posts counts don't work, and there needs to be a way to quickly see which threads have been added/replied to since you last looked.

    Will pass all these comments on.

  • I sm getting emails from people saying they can't post or can't log in. The process of needing to re-register and then after that register for the forums is clearly confusing some people (the mad as toast squad are really stuggling they are not as sane as me) is there any chance we can have idiot proof instructions somewhere for people.

    Thanks Steve and sorry to be a pain.


  • I have just reaslised all I have done is moan. Can I also say that I love the new format being able to message people and have buddies is great idea and something I really missed being able to do with the old site. Migrating something as huge at the AUK board must have been a nightmare well done to all concerned.


    AKA Wheezydoh

  • PLEASE can the

    Alert me when someone replies to this post: Yes No

    Bit be defaulted to no if possible.

    some times a post a message and forget to switch to no - I don't want my in-box full of messages saying I have messages!



  • Steve is it me or are the pages slow to load?

  • It depends, really! Sometimes they pop up almost straight away, sometimes they take even longer than they did before.

    I assume it's because things are still being tweaked at the mo.

  • i keep getting the 'page cannot be displayed' - like 1 in 4 times it tries to load...

  • AHA!! So thats why entering multiple email addresses and password combinations didnt have to re register! was just about to give up....

  • highlighting new posts

    Just a thought...could u not get the time and date added after where it says no. of posts in ""talking points"" box for each one and then under each heading where says number of replys so that are able to identify new posts from when u last read them.

    Great site by the way, hopefully we'll all get use to it soon and any teething problems sorted.

  • highlighting new posts

    Just a thought...could u not get the time and date added after where it says no. of posts in ""talking points"" box for each one and then under each heading where says number of replys so that are able to identify new posts from when u last read them.

    Great site by the way, hopefully we'll all get use to it soon and any teething problems sorted.

  • Those are good thoughts, Scampy - will pass them on.

  • passwords

    steve if you for some reason lose your pword u can get anther but then there is no way i can see of changing the password to one you can remember?????

  • If you click ""my acount"" at the top-right of any page, and then go into ""edit your basic account details"" - the first option in the leftmost column - you can change your password there.

  • new topics

    Am prob being very dim here but where is the option to start a new topic? can't see it anywhere but am sure have seen it since new boards became active. Am easily confused at mo.

    Many thanks

  • As long as your logged in, click on one of the ""talking points"" on the left, and at the top of the thread list there's a big purple button to start a new thread! ;)

  • So there is! couldn't see it for looking.

  • Any chance of having date and time of last posting showing on each topic (when you see them listed) so you can see at a glance which topics have been updated since you last logged on

  • Good point Cathy - we're investigating this.

  • Size of text

    Is there any way of increasing the size of the text you see when you are trying to respond to a posting. I am finding it very difficult to read as I type, surely I can't be the only one?

  • If you look on the top right hand side of the website next to the asthmauk logo, there is a option to increase text size from small, to med, to large. Hope this helps. nutty

  • Nice new site, but kind of hard to use...

    Most internet forums remember (with a cookie) when you were last on them. and then highlighl all the new messages since you were there.

    Sorry to sound negative, but I'm finding it really hard to follow discussions - keep wondering whether I've seen something already or not.

    And also, is it possible to rearrange the posts so that they all develop in the same direction as the Subject? Instead of having to read the original post and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and start reading up again...

    Just suggestions.


  • I believe the developers are working on a way of highlighting new messages at the moment. I agree that it is badly needed.

    I have also asked that the threads develop in one direction or another - as there's no way to leap a number of pages into a long thread, it would probably be best if they showed the newest post first.

  • Thanks - just got back. Also, please could we have a ""Watch this thread"" button for all topics, not just when you actually reply.



  • Dont know if this has been asked!

    But in the private messaging bit WHY is there NO way of deleting messages from you sentbox ?

    If people use it alot its soon gonna clog the servers up!

    It would certainly be easier if we could delete from sentbox too!

  • 'You cannot reply to Mia because he/she has opted to not receive private messages'

    'You cannot reply to Mia because he/she has opted to not receive private messages'

    Hi Steve,

    Could you explain why this message keeps appearing at the bottom of my 'sent messages' message area?

    I know I'm an IT luddite, but....



  • Mia

    If you go into your profile , right at the very bottom there are two sentences as below with boxes that you can tick. If you place a tick in the bottom one it will mean people can actually pm you. If it isnt ticked they cant. Hope that helps

    Allow other users to view my profile. Why?

    With your profile visible to others, other users can get to know you, and it makes it easier for them to contact you, if you choose to allow that.

    Allow other users to contact me. Why?

    Allow users to send you private messages. These can be picked up in your 'message centre'.

  • I'd already ticked both boxes Speedy.

    Have resubmitted my profile, with both boxes ticked and still no change.

    Can you or Peaksteve help please?


  • Don't worry Mia - this appears to be a glitch in the software and not due to anything you've done. It's appearing in my sent items too. You can be messaged; the link to do so appears underneath all of your posts.

    pandscarr - This has also been requested of the developers; let's see what happens!

    Wheezer - I think you may have stumbled across a ""security"" feature I didn't know about. I didn't think there was any logging of personal messages, but if it's not possible to delete your sent items this would mean that there IS a permanent record of these!

  • Hi steve,

    On Messages. Top left of the message bit there is an In box and sent box,

    Just clicked on it and all my sent messages there!

    There is no delete button like on the In Box bit!

    Perhaps this could be added. I wish I had noticed it before because I wanted to refer back to a message I had sent to check I wasn't repeating my self!

    Take care


  • In the words of Prime Minister's Questions:

    ""I refer the honorable member to the answer I gave some moments ago!

  • I only noticed Steve to be honest as on non-asthma forums I use we have the facility to remove all messages in private section ourselves!

    Hmmmmmm wonder if THIS feature is staying (not being able delete your sent items) I guess Im to used to having the ability to getting rid of what I want on other forums private messages!

  • Steve,

    LOL, ooops, befuddled brain didn't comprehend the other message properly!


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