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Deteriotating Health

Something i have discovered recently is you cannot have only one medical condition. If you have one you end up with lots. I have a genetic condition along with lots of other medical conditions one being asthma. Over the past 4 years my health has gradually deteriated to the point now i am not well enough to do most of the activities i enjoy let alone be well enough to work. It is quite frightening how much my health has deteriated. I can only walk very short distances on a good day. My medical team i have to say are being fantastic and very supportive. They are helping me through each hurdle as i come to them. For example at the moment i am fighting a chest infection and a kidney infection. I am feeling sick almost constant with it and am very off food which means i have very little strength or energy.

I want to encourage you not to take life for granted because you never know when you might no longer have much of it! I also want to encourage you to always tell your medical team or GP exactly how you feel (symptoms and emotions) so that they can treat you as only you knows what your body is feeling they cannot read your mind or see your symptoms just from looking at you. At the moment it is my faith that is keeping me going because the rest of my world seems to have fallen away resulting in i cannot do what i used to enjoy.It is hard to keep myself motivated to try and get my strength back after each hurdle ie you end up in bed for a week and then it takes you 3 months to build back up your lost muscle tone which was already low from your last infection. It is hard but i think what is important is trying to remain cheerful.

Thank you for reading my woffle!

a mixed plumie

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Hope you feel a little better soon and hope you find your appittite .

Not eating also feel to bad at the moment.

Hope you had a good holls and put a smile on your face as its

not nice having asthma stuffing everything up.

Rest up and take care lol Glynis xxx


i can empathise so much with your post. although my medical problems arent life threatening, well a couple would be i suppose if i didnt take my medication correctly but a number of condtions that i have really affect my quality of life too. even today i had a routine appointment at my gp's and yet again i have to be referred to another department for a gyne consultation for something that is having a massive impact on my life and needs sorting out, which i stupidly thought would be able to be sorted much easier and without having to have a potential op and take meds for.i rattle enough to start with, without adding more meds....i know it sounds daft to other people but i class myself as a pessimistic opitimist, which im sure others might say is a depressive way to look at life but the way i see it is to prepare for the worst, know what to do, deal with it and if the worst doesnt happen then life is good plummie if its your faith that keeps you going-good on ya x


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