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Starting work

After 2 years I am starting work tomorrow, I am very nervous and wondering how my asthma and other conditions will be. and if and how i should tell my employer. I said i had conditions at my interview but did not go into detail as normally scares people off.

I will be working on the bakery which is where i am best at, so just hoping my lungs will behave, at least it is good that my partner is the supervisor which helps as he knows my conditions and not to push me to much, it makes me less uneasy and was worried about being put in a different store with people that wont understand my diabilty and health

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Well done you xxx think you should tell them and action plan.They should be ok and should have first aider also there for health and safty. Long as they are aware ,they wont panic if you are bad.Maybe keep a spair reliever in their medical area etc in case forget it.thats what I do.Good luck xxx


they have no first aiders, but i will be having a word about that to them and get them to pay for my partner to re take his, as he is a appointed first aider but it runs out this month


Definitely let your employer know you have asthma as bakeries are notorious for being areas where occupational asthma can develop. It will allow them to undertake monitoring measures for the asthma to meet health and safety requirements. Also a first aider should be onsite (or shared with sites close by) as Glynis said this is a health and safety requirement.


Just wanted to wish you luck with the new job, and hope your lungs behave themselves!



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