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Suffering, In Need Of Adice

so, i'm 12.

HAving lots of asthma attacks recently.

hospital addmissions etc.

but they can't find anything wrong.

i go to the docs they don't take me seriously.

go to hospital they dont' take me seriously.

my asthma nurse kinda does, but doesn't think i'm too bad.


i only have 1 friend i can talk to about it, but she's a really severe asthmatic.

so she's got it alot worse than mee.

only mum listen but she has no idea what it's likee.

i almost feel i'm suffering in silence, its really difficult :/

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i.m sorry to hear your having trouble with your asthma and that you feel you.re not getting the support and advice you need. I've only just been diagnosed so i don't know much but i.m here if you wanna chat or let off steam! Just don't give in, don't let them pass you off, if you need help or support from the docs keep asking and tell your mum how you feel.


You're not alone with your suffering Meggs, most of us here will fully understand how frustrated you feel right now.

You say your Mum listens to you - have you explained to her how you truly feel, how frightened you are? Does your Mum go to the Dr's with you? If she doesn't go into the room with you, it may be an idea that she does so. Your Mum may be able to help you explain some of the things you are trying to say. Try to stay relaxed as best you can.

Just keep telling the Dr's and the Nurses how you feel - whether you feel the medication makes you feel better or worse, or what parts of the day you feel bad. Try to think of the facts of the matter. Rather than just say you feel bad, try to think of what it was that made you feel bad and explain this to them. They (the Dr's etc) may then be able to see the bigger picture for you.

I hope this helps, even if it's just a little bit. Most of all, don't forget that you are not alone with this.

Hope you feel better soon



Dear Megg,

I understand how u feel. I was terribly ill as a little girl, and only started improving in my teens. My 13 yr son has also been very poorly the last 3 years, he found going to secondary school very stressful and was off school a lot (40%) last year. This year has been a bit better but not great. He often feels ill, we go to doctor and doctor says his chest is clear. They dont understand asthma IS painful and frightening.

Asthma is very isolating, you are right that no one quite understands how u feel except other asthmatics. One of son's teachers and school matron kept saying to me last year 'well, he LOOKS alright' - drove us mad.. You probably get the same.

Dont despair Megg, remember we on the Forum understand how you feel. So you dont have to suffer in silence. And to be fair to the medics, there are kind doctors/nurses who care and are sympathetic. You will find that as you get older and meet different medical staff. We have had some very nice doctors over the years.

Hope you feel better soon. xx


Hi Megg, wev'e been having the same problems as you, my Son is 10 and I'm well old and both got severe and difficult asthma. We both get overlooked at the docs and hospital because of lack of a wheeze. It's just so frustrating, but just carry on fighting as eventually they have to listen to us. It does wear you down too. Maybe write when you have pain in a diary and score it out of 10, that's how we check Matty as peak flows don't make any difference, chest pain is the indicator to how bad he is. If it's above 7 he has nebuliser, if it's a 5 then we give him 4 puffs of inhaler every 4 hours,if it's lower his blue inhaler as reliever if it's 8/9/10 it's docs and talk about steroids. You probably have your own plan. Mine is just nebulisers every 4 hours, I've tried to cut back but end up more ill.

Good luck

Kate x


thanks everyone.

it's great to know there's someone out there with the same problems.

it's not great that you're suffering too, but you get what i mean.


my mum does take me to docs, listens and everything i tell her when i'm scared, but when i do she tells the docs and they blame by attacks on worry.


It's good that you have someone who listens to you. My father also suffered with asthma so he understood how I felt and how to help me manage. There wasn't any other medication at the time except Do Dos which made me feel worse so I had to fight it and there were times when I really thought that I was going to die.

My sister used to say that I should brush my teeth to stop an asthma attack and my school doctor said that I was not asthmatic after a two minute check up a week after a severe attack.

My husband has only just realised that I have a health problem after being together now for over 30 years. He's always put my 'puffing' down to being fed up with things but I'm often gasping for air and trying to control my breathing. God only know what he thought my night-time asthma attacks were with coughing fits and having to use the pump but he understands more now.

The illness does make you feel totally alone. No one seems to understand what you have to cope with and no one seems to think that there is anything wrong with you.

I have no advice apart from making sure that you tell your mother exactly how you're feeling as she seems to be the ONLY person listening, as was my father before he died in his 80s.


Hi megg,

I was in a similar position as you but i am older than you. Mind you that shouldn't make any difference!. Have tried phoning the asthma help line? they can give you good advice on getting help and tips on asthma control .Having a friend with asthma can help a great deal, also try the library for books on asthma,one good one i use is asthma at your fingertips by dr Mark levy/trisha weller/prof sean hilton (4 th edition). If you find a book that works for you have a look on amazon i picked my copy up for alot cheaper than full price. I hope you feel better soon

sj xx


thank you soo much everyone :Dgod, where would we be without asthma uk?


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