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soya related to asthma attacks

My girlfriend has had asthma since a child. recently she was also told she has irritable bowel syndrome, so had to cut out dairy. however soon after replacing milk with soya milk and starting soya mince and soya based drinks she started getting really bad asthma. it was worse than she had ever had before. so I did some research myself to see if there was a link and people who have regular contact with soya processing have severe breathing problems. as soon as she stopped taking soya and started rice milk her asthma left as quickly as it had appeared. she has since tried soya products and they definately affect her breathing. thought this might help someone.

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Yep, there is certainly a link between asthma and food intolerances like the one you described there. It is often worth investigating your diet if you notice your asthma is coming on more strongly at a certain time of day, or after particular meals.

From personal experience, I have a similar thing with sulphites (as do several other people on these forums. Also, I met a man who had most of his asthma around lunchtime, he never really had problems during the evenings or at night (quite unusual). Anyway, it turned out that he always ate a big bowl of muesli (without fail) every morning. He used to make it himself and he was very surprised to find that when he cut it out, his lunchtime asthma went away. Very strange and interesting area, difficult to pinpoint specific allergies and problems though.

For a good guide to allergy and food intolerance I would recommend: ‘The Complete Guide to Food Allergy and Intolerance’ J Brostoff and L Gamlin, 1998, Bloomsbury, ISBN: 978-0747534303


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