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Does anyone else get this if you make a plan to go out. Your asthma is bad my mam has just told me im going out to the club for my birthday the 27th Decemcer I wish she had not told me because the past few times ive had plans my asthma has been terrible on one ocasion my brothers engagment I ended up in hospital for a week does any of you guys get this problem or is it just me cheers xxx

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  • It's probably more of a coincidence to be truthful,'s true that there seems to be a kind of fatalistic tendency of lungs to go misbehavin' just when you don't want them to, though. If you get stressed and worried that your lungs are going to start playing up at a big event it might end up being a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy though - emotion can sometimes be a potent trigger for asthma.

  • Exam time is a classic! What do other school/uni goers think?

  • Cath, I seem to go through the opposite manage to get through the most stressful things like my the death of my grandmother totally intact but the moment the stress passes then my lungs let go and the resulting splatt tends to the spectacular end of the scale. I am all able to some how put on a bullish display to keep going at all costs to get me to all sorts of things. Cons appts are a classic I hang on by finger nails only to go totally to bits once I in the room! I think it must be adrenalin that keeps me going till I cross the finish line. Mind you if I gave in earlier I suspect it would be better for me.


  • A mix of both with me, sometimes I cling on like mad, make it through the event then go splat, othertimes, I miss things. No pattern really!


  • I'm with Bex I make it through by skin of teeth and then go bang. Adrenaline definitly has a lot to answer for or maybe its extreme stubborness.....

  • What did I say I cant make plans. Ive got a horrible stinking chest infection and cant go anywere at the moment and Im not going to that horrible place. Just giving my neb lots of hugs and taking my pred and keeping everything crossed. Hope everyone else is doing ok and all use stuck in the horrible place get well soon Best wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yes Kerry- Ann and Bex, and Marmite, cheer will power will always take you far. Mind over matter as they say, or is it that we are just too stubborn to give in.

    Love and Hugs and Seasons greetings to to everyone

    Susy - alias Bat Girl

  • After noon people im corrently residing in costa but I am allowed out till 5pm for my birthday going to have a nice bath and go see my family hopefully be allowed out tommorrow tke care everyone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Yes I can relate to this, though I have agree with Cath Bear that it is probably a coincidence although stress has a part to play. if you think of all the times lungs like to play up then its likely to coincide with something important going on. I have decided on my last blip that I will take more notice of my lungs and rest when I feel tired rather than battling on and resting when I do have a cold/chest infection rather than pushing myself just to see how much of the usual housework I can get through. Today will be a test there is loads of post chrissy stuff to clear and clothes to wash and iron and I am at the start of something. I love this site cos it does give me a reason to sit down and chat - which is what I love to do!

    Take care and love to all.


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