Diagnosis Confirmed

Had an appointment with my asthma nurse this afternoon who finally confirmed that i have developed asthma! Atleast i definately know now and can get it under control hopefully! Ive been given Clenil to use morning and night and ive got to go back in 2 weeks to see if its helping or not. Last night had a bit of a scarey episode mind you! I walked into the bedroom after my partner had been in and put on his deodorant and within 30 seconds i had 10 elephants on my chest and was finding it hard to breath! Cue the usage of ventalin and within another 10 mins it just got worse and i was struggling to get any kind of puff at all so used it again and soon it started settling. Thats the first time ive got that bad and im quite shocked at how quick it took hold. Still, im feeling better now and my nurse has told me he has to use it elsewhere or change his deodorant!

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  • Sam, you may actually find that certain smells will trigger an attack, also lots of the deodorant/perfumes in washing and cleaning products can also have a similar effect, so be careful.

  • Thank you for that bit of advice Woody :)

  • Hey Woody would that be why washing powder makes me cough? i can always taste it in the back of my throat for 10 mins after i have put it in the washing machine.

    take care

    H Mama

  • I suddenly had all the symptoms of hayfever tonight. Itchy eyes, sneezing my head off etc. Had a think. Fairy Liquid! Dishwasher is broke and we've been hand washing everything. Perhaps I hadn't rinsed my cup enough. Didn't taste of soap but must have been just enough scent left on it somewhere.

    You do start to build up quite a list of triggers. Mine are everything from Galaxy chocolate to altitude change on highland roads. LOL

    PS deodorant - Lynx has to be the worst for me. Nice niff though.

  • H Mama, you sound just like one of my aunts who has asthma, she only has to walk down the aisle in the supermarket and she'll go into a coughing fit.

  • Oh no

    Cant, mustn't, couldn't, to cruel, never ever ever, be alergic to my must have favorite of all time


    H Mama

  • My husband now puts on deoderant and shoe deoderant on in the spare room as it sets me of coughing... it is a weird sensation, as soon as I take my first breath I can feel airways reacting, so strange... I never have had a tight chest though... I've wondered what the percentage is of Asthma sufferers that do have a tight chest... am I normal or abbie normal? (Young Frankenstein joke)...

  • Diagnosis confirmed

    Feeling v scared as I am in the process of being disgnosed with asthma; always had chest infections and now have been put on inhalers (Symbicort and Ventolin) and having a bad day because I cleaned the bathroom yesterday! Lots of nasty chemicals. Also had to throw hubby's valentine flowers away - v strong scent - felt very alone until I found this forum and wanted to say thank you.

  • Hubby's deodorant has the lynx effect too, nearly kills me!My Eldest Son uses it too. I just keep well out of the way when they put it on. Smells fab afterwards though.

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