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TMI on peak flow charts?

Hi, I'm just wondering about peak flow charts. I've filled them in before so it's not a new thing for me, but I've got my first appointment with a cons in June and my nurse wants me to fill one in till I go.

I've filled them in before, so it's not a new thing, but this time she wants me to answer the questions and make little notes at the side of what I'm feeling and when if I have any symptoms. I know it seems like a really simple thing, and I'm probably just finding summat to fret about cos I have a habit of fretting over silly things, but do I have to make a note of every little thing, or just the more pronounced symptoms? It's just that I feel a little silly writing things like 'tightness at rest' or 'wheezy when cleaning' when it's alleviated quite quickly when I take the reliever, I feel kind of like a fraud and that I should only be writing it down when it's more than just a tickle if you know what I mean.

I just don't want to be writing a load of useless information down when I don't need to, so I'd appreciate any advice here.

Ooh, and if anyone can tell me what to expect for my first cons appointment too that would be great, I know I'll be having spirometry done, but a colleague at work has suggested that I'll be having to run on a treadmill too.... :O I can't run for toffee! My nurse just said lung function tests which seemed a little vague to me!

Hmm, 2 subjects in one thread.... sorry if that's not allowed!

Thanks in advance for any help here ;)

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Dont feel silly, all very valid questions.

With regards to the peak flow charts how about noting down how many times you need to take your reliever medication on any given day? It may also be helpful to note down if your asthma symptoms wake you at night as this can be a good indicator of poor asthma control. Or you could write down any symptoms that you feel are interfering with your day to day life.

Its perfectly understandable to anxious about your first consultant appointment but try not to worry too much (easier said than done.) I expect they will do spirometry (lung function tests) I have to admit that I would be surprised if they put you on a treadmill but everywhere is different. Make sure you take a copy of all your meds and take the actual inhalers with you- they may want to take check your inhaler technique. Make sure you also take your peak flow diary.

Good luck,

hope this helps,



Hi, Auntymonkey... you have made a very good and valid comment. I too wanted to give my GPs, Consultants and Nurses a clear and accurate record of not only the amounts / frequency of my meds but as much accurate info as possible regarding all other factors that could have a bearing on my health.

I drew up my own PF chart,,. firstly to cover a fortnight of info but as my condition deteriorated it has now become a weekly ( seven day ) record. All my health carers are very appreciative of it and even my consultant in Aberdeen Hospital has asked me for a copy of the Template to photo copy and give out to some of their other patients.

I would suggest that you create a template that meets all your needs and you will find that most Health workers will appreciate the information you give them especially if very clearly and concisely worded...

Such as

- Monday morning-Ventolin x 6 puffs - better or No change

- Wheezing / coughing - (visitors or went out to ...) - Pain killers x 6, sore joints etc

and so on ... I hope that this has been of some help !

Good luck and hope you keep well.

Hugs from a bitterly cold Orkney Islands



Thanks a lot for your replies, I'm gonna make a note of how many times I use the reliever and then they can see how minor (touch wood!) the symptoms are. Good idea on the self-made chart too, I just tried to make one but my printer's gone bust, gonna email it to my sister to print off for me.



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