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Feeling rubbish!

I've been on symbicort for a few months now - limited to 12 times a day including morning and evening compulsory doses.

Unlucky for me, have had bad cold over the weekend and still got it now, which has given me a nice dosing of bad asthma after so many months with bare minimum of problems.

Have rung my resp. nurse etc and they have all said to up the doses, am worried about doing this! I have got a pain in the lower right of my back, any ideas if this is related to asthma?

Feeling rubbish as can't breathe through nose, and now cannot breathe through mouth and have to deal with sputum and tight chest which is not being relieved at all by symbicort!

Sorry about having a moan, just so fed up and, being a 16 year old, need my summer holidays to relax!!


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Hey! Presumably u r on the smart programme then, i was on that and it went straight out the window the minute i got a cold, i would 100% recommend seein asthma nurse tomorrow especially if your feeling that crap, if not, go to your local hosp!

And even if u dont think ur that bad, ur chest may think otherwise and im sure docs would prefer u to b seen sooner rather than later!

Symbicort is only gd in certain aspects...nt so gd in an emergency!

Hope u get it sortd soon!



i would agree with charlie warlie and go back to your own asthma nurse, also maybe they need to check you havent got a chest infection and give you antib's if necessary. Maybe your not able to inhale deep enough while you have a cold, when the nurse decides to change you over to the symbicort they normally give you a dummy turbo haler and watch you use it. When you inhale deep enough a whistle goes off to indicate your getting the dose. Also have you had the flu jab?, if not consider having it when it becomes available in autumn each year. I normally take 3g each day of vit c tabs to try and knock it on the head, onion soup is another one good for giving immune system a good knick up the behind.Drink hot drinks as they help the airways to relax and may help, but dont forget to drink plenty of water too. I had symbicort on smart and it didnt work very quickly as a reliever and i had to take over the recommended 12 doses a day. I was told that the symbicort as reliever worked just as quick as the vent but, when using the vent i needed much less.

Dont worry about moaning on here we all have a good rant at times- rant on.



Oh poor you! I spent most of my summer hols in hospital from about yr 11 onwards, so I totally sympathise! Hope you've got some good friends to visit and bring fun stuff! We used to play a lot of card games, but they also brought picnics, jigsaws, fimo (which they then took home to bake) and all sorts of other fun things. I got a lot of reading done too!

I'm sorry you're feeling so lousy and hope that you can get in touch with your own asthma nurse soon (today if possible). Some people that I know on SMART have a ventolin inhaler as well for times when they've had their 12 doses of symbicort and still need more help. Perhaps you could ask about that?

Hugs, and feeling better vibes, Wishes


Well been to docs today and been given 5 days of 40mg steriods - which normally does nothing as have been on them so many times!

Getting fed up and have taken a turn for the worse tonight - heart rate up, fast breathing, and can't talk too much either!

Hoping to ride it out on the sofa all night, or debatin whether to get an Ambulance and get to A&E and have a drip, haven't decided!

Yeh, asthma nurse has told me to have unlimited amounts of symbicort and evohaler however trying not to as go shakey if i have too much!

Fed up of all this asthma - have had a really good past 3 months due to symbicort after around all my life of having constant trouble. Being 16 all I want to do is go out and have fun with my friends!



Hey eo0236,

You have my sympathy too. When you've worked so hard all year you deserve to enjoy the holidays. Hope things start to improve soon so you can avoid going to hospital. Feel free to PM me any time you need to talk or rant or moan!

Shy1. x


I wuld 100% get checkd out, never no, a n e could sort u out and u could have a short stay...leave it to late and u could b like me and on my 5th already and havin the nurses question ME y the docs have said i need o2 and increase in al my asthma drugs! My simple answer was...because there docs, its there job to mak e me better! Oopps!!


Hope the pred helps and got same pain also.Lower right back lung area. Take care and you know when you need help so you can be well over the big hols xxx


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