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personal ionisers etc?

Is anyone using these personal or room purifiers/ionisers I keep seeing advertised which are meant to reduce the allergens in the environment, and if so are any of them worth the money? Some can be carried to produce a local area, others used in a bedroom. I am thinking of getting something which might make it easier for us to visit our family as my son seems to get much worse when we are in other people's houses!

Thanks for any feedback.

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Hello, can only speak personally but my da used to have one in every room when he started to get chest problems (pidgeon lung ) but although they attracted a lot of dust from the air he still seemed to get a lot of breathing problems-so I would say the jury is out-but it is worth trying,if it works for your son go for it.




I was given one as a christmas present a few years ago and found it a total waste of time.

I suggest you see if you can borrow one to try it out before investing in one.

good luck.


I had one a few years ago and the only thing it did for me was increase the amount of dusting i had to do especially around where it was. I noticed no change in my asthma. Sorry if this isnt what you wanted to hear but for me it qwas a waste of money.


I would like to say thanks for the replies (even though it wasn't my post). I'd been thinking of trying an ioniser myself, but now I don't think I'll bother. Unless...When the dust forms around the ioniser, is it the only place in the room that gets dusty? That's save time on cleaning as I'd only need to dust one area LOL.

Thanks again folks.


Oh and happy Christmas everyone!


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