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I'm looking for some ideas, suggestions and experiences re. my housing options when I leave university.

When I finish in September next year (2011) I'll have been here for seven years (I don't think there's any more degrees I can take - time to find a real job!). Despite plenty of problems and scary moments, I am supported where I am, and whilst I'm feeling really unsafe at the moment (after an 'interesting' few weeks with my asthma :( ) I do know that it's better than other alternatives.

I'm living in student halls - not ideal, but I do (supposedly) have on call 24 hour support, people who know my difficulties, and as a last resort, neighbour's doors I can bang on in an emergency. I also get a lot of support with other issues related to my asthma and other disabilities within uni.

I'm terrified about leaving and living alone. When I saw my consultant last week he noted his concern about this. I have communication difficulties which make it really difficult to get help for myself - the 999 text thing is about my only option, but this isn't fail-safe. I'm so scared that I could have a bad weekend or night like I had recently and find it impossible to get help. Due to some of my other difficulties, I also find some basic tasks with looking after myself tricky; whilst I have support at the moment, this won't continue when I leave uni as it's all funded / provided through them. I'm going to be devastated to lose the support I have, as I have a few wonderful people at the moment who do so much for me and help me so much.

Does anyone know what my options are, what I should be looking at, what type of help I can get, where to start basically? I think that's what's scaring me a lot, I don't know where to start and I'm scared of finishing at uni and having nowhere to go and no support. I'm so worried about everything - even down to employment as I don't know who's going to take me on when I have so much time off for ill-health.

Sorry for a bit of a depressing post - it's really hit me recently with my latest flare-up everything I'm going to lose and everything I've got to sort out.

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Hi Ratty, I remember being very apprehensive about leaving uni - I lived in hall of residence for 3 years and loved it. So I know a bit how u feel. Can you go to family to start off with? I went back to my parents as I didnt have a job when I left. It was a good starting point (although I didnt think so at the time!) as I eventually found a job fairly locally. I moved into my own flat about 6 months later. All this while coping with poor health but somehow I managed! Each step takes time so dont think you have to get it all sorted out at once.


Hi Angie, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I don't have family as an option and it's not having that safety net that feels hard. I need to sort out some plan so I feel I'm doing something because it does feel very all at once at the moment and I don't know where to start.


hi - i know this is a long shot but do you know if your local authority has any housing that have help at hand (such as assisted housing which have adaptions to down stairs flats for people with disailities and health intercom for people with health problems). i know mine do but not every authority have these types of housing available. another suggestion might be if you could arrange a house share with someone who is leaving uni at the same time so that someone you are familiar with is on hand if you have an attack. try to stay calm about it and see if you can find the positive sides of leaving halls (at least your food will still be in the fridge at the end of the day lol) xxxx


Hi Ratty,

Sorry to hear you've not been great. I've been really lucky with my living situation after leaving halls, I've been in the same house share now for 2 years (though every person but one has changed over this time) and they are great with me. My housemates are aware of my asthma and know to call an ambulance,and how to set up nebs, plus they and my boyfriend have each others numbers so they can arrange for me to be taken care of if i'm bad.

I realise I am very lucky in this situation but I guess the message is, things can go ok. PM me if you want to chat xx


Hiya Ratty

hope that you have got some advice about leaving uni and setting up home. If you have no support and need extra help it might be worth considering contacting social services disability team. Which you could phone yourself or ask your gp to refer you. Social services will do an assessment of what help you would need, find somebody to provide care, help with housework, cooking or other daily tasks that you have difficulty with. They can also set up an emergancy call alarm system in your house so you have a button to press if you need the 9s but not able to make the call.

Dont worry if you do need some help things can be arranged so you can live independently and safely. I had severe asthma while at uni and went through coping with illness and setting up a new life. Was over 10 yrs ago but still remember how worried and stressed i felt. If you want any more advise pm me.

All best Sarah


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