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Stressed out!

Hey peeps!

Hope everyone is doing okay.

I'm not bad just a bit stressed, i've had to come home from work today as my asthma has been playing up lots over the past 2 days, it is worse when i'm at work - could the air quality be affecting it?

I have been a little funny with the humid weather over the summer but in my office they have the air conditioning on lots and i'm now sitting right next to one of the vets and was wondering if that is a normal trigger?

I've both te doc and nurse booked for tomorrow morning so can hopefully get to the bottom of this as one i don't want to lose a job i love and two i am on so much medication already that WAS working and HAS been for almost 6 months that i don't want to end up changing etc etc. its just stressing me out a bit.

What makes me think it could be the air conditioning etc is i've been home 3 hours now and i almost feel fine, peak flow etc fine where as all day at work its low and i need inhalor



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Yes, air conditioning is one of my worst triggers. Especially going from hot and humid outside to cold and dry inside. Lungs can't cope with the sudden change in climate.


Hey, yes air conditioning is one of my worst triggers, as I'm only beginning to discover. My doctor wasn't surprised at all when I told her I suspected it was the cause of some of my attacks. I don't know exactly what it is about it though.

If that's what it is for you, I hope you can sort something out so you can keep working there and stay healthy. Take good care



thanks for that peeps!



I have problems with air conditioning as well, especially in supermarkets for some reason.


Air conditioning really affects me too. I can sometimes feel it blowing at me. Wearing a fleece and drinking hot blackcurrant helps but on days when it's blowing (especially when it's warm outside), moving is the only thing that helps.


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