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Hey all,

My consultants latest idea is either metho or cyclosporin. I've heard good and bad reports about both drugs but just wanted to get a few educated opinions. As it is my immune system is kack and I'm on anti biotics about once a month and any little cut I get gets infected very easily, as I have learned at the minute.

My question is has anyone on here tried either, and if so did they work and did you get any side effects?



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Cyclosporin I have tried at the Royal Brompton and to no avail, thankfully I suffered no side effects. Methotrexate is a possibility for me next month after I have finished Chemo. Despite having a naff immune system myself and having chemo and cyclosporin I have had just 1 ear infection that required anti boitics. I tend to have more viral illnesses.


Hi :) I'm currently on methotrexate and immunoglobulin therapy

As I have an immune disorder too. I've been on methotrexate

Approx eight months with no improvement but they think it could

Be linked to my immunoglobulin. Last month it was upped to max

Dose and now can't stop being sick. I no a few people on it and it's

Been very successful fingers crossed it works for you if they encourage you to try it :-) take care raychi xx


Hello Vicky,

I’ve tried mtx (methotrexate) twice as an oral steroid sparing agent. The first time for a skin complaint many years ago. Most recently for controlling severe/difficult asthma. On both occasions my skin and asthma problems became very well controlled. Unfortunately the side effects were as bad as my breathing problems. That’s why I gave up with mtx.

However many people do well on this drug and without serious side effects. So it’s worth a try especially if you suffer from other autoimmune problems.

Mia x


I've never been on methotrexate, but I just asked my ashtma doctor about taking humira (a biologic) for inflammatory arthritis. I was concerned about getting more infections because of my immune system, but she said that she thought it could help my asthma. Which would be great.

I know if you take MTX for arthritis taking vit. B12 (I think) can help with the side effects.



Thanks dudes,

Would going on this have any bearing on Occy Health when I'm applying for nursing?



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