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Carbocisteine/mucodyne (apologies in advance)

Sorry for the flurry of posting...I am revising and therefore easily distracted ;) Also sorry for being a bit disgusting.

Just a bit confused. My GP is trying me on carbocisteine which rather surprised me as I didn't think I had much of a problem with mucus. Except that currently with my cold it feels like it's stuck down there and not coming up, plus this is a feeling I get sometimes even without a cold (when breathing gets a bit worse). Ended up telling GP this, sort of by accident, hadn't really meant to or to ask him to do something.

3 tablets so far but not much happening - things I've seen suggest it doesn't take long to work (one thing said about an hour). Only thing is chest feels maybe a bit less clogged up than yesterday and my nose has more or less stopped its disgusting runniness (sorry for TMI there). But could just be coincidence.

Could I have just imagined that there was mucus stuck down there?! Does it maybe take longer than I thought to work? Or is it possible if you do have some but not that much that it would just thin it but you wouldn't cough it up?

Have looked around on the forum but it seems all you other people on this produce mucus anyway and know when this stuff is working. Just a bit puzzled really!

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hi, I was on it for a few years .It only lasts for 4 hours in your system and makes the mucus thinner and I kept swallowing thick gunk and was hard to do so it made it better to deal with.Hope it helps you


Thanks for reminding me, meant to look into it myself. There is an over the counter cough syrup I tried while in Ireland over the New Year which contains this and it helped. It was called Exputex but is not available here off prescription.

Anyway hope it helps.


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