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What is an Asthma Action Plan?

I would like to get one. I know I can just do a search but, I would like to know from real people, with actual experience. If anyone can give me an example I would be so happy! Thank you :)

I have just made a big move in my life and my health is having a difficult time adjusting. I would like to take better control of the situation starting with my asthma. I think an asthma action plan might help.

Update: Thanks so much everyone:)

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hi Notbuying it,

A action plan is done by your gp or asthma nurse or consultant.

Basically it is so when you are having a bad spell your doc can give you guide lines on what meds

to increase and when going through a good spell can tell you what to reduce.

It tells you what stage you are on from 1 to 5.

You can send for a action plan form free from AUK and ask your gp fill it in or Asthma nurse.

hope this helps ,

love glynis xxx


glynis has said it perfectly - couldnt have put it any clearer!!

you can look on the website publications for them to send one out to you, then take it to your next appt for your doc/ asthma nurse to complete with you



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