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whats going on?

Hi Everyone,

Just a general wondering! Recently Ive been feeling symptomatic at certain times in the day, every day, which seems quite strange. I first get tight chested and cough a lot at mid morning at work. Almost without fail this happens everyday and again nearing evening. Is this wierd? Ive never experienced this before but its getting to be quite inconvenient. Im not ill or anything and its never a fullblown attack but the sort of lingering uncomfortableness which drives me mad! I have always had near enough daily symptoms but but they were always sort of random, and rarely at the same time. just wondering if any one else gets this, or should I be doing something about this? It seems quite unusual?!

Thanks for your help


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If your concerned then go to your GP, or easier option give the Advice line a ring here, but my guess would be environmental, anything at work that you get exposed to that could cause your symptoms.

Also I would go to your GP anyway, if you nearly always get symptoms daily, this is not a good sign,and you need to get that addressed, especially before the winter colds and bug season starts.



Do you live in a big town or city? I had dreadful problems a couple of years ago and was quite worried as it seemed to be opposite of the 5am dip, I thought I was going mad but my consultant said that some asthmatics get triggered by traffic fumes and the heat from traffic in the evening rush hour. I don't get it at home but I will get it when I am in the Brompton or in any large town.



I went back to the doctors on Friday and apparently half the asthma patients in the surgery have been in in the last few weeks with symptom flare ups they think theres something in the air round East Anglia, mine has caused yet another change of inhaler. I have to admit I thought the change of inhaler was working but have had a continual tight feeling in my chest for the last 2 days - not sure if its the asthma or the change of medication causing chronic indigestion, has anyone else had anything like this on Symbicort?


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