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do I need help?

Hi allFeel awful. got my 4th chest infection this year. Pred dependant anyway and on amoxicillin again. Saw dr this morning and pf was 240 best is about 450. Anyway pred now 50mg again. But I feel very tired, chest aches and pf is same. Took the extra pred this morning. how long do i wait before getting more help. Hard to know as I am a brittle asthmatic and it could go either way at the moment.

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Hi asm, soz ure avin a hard time. I know the feeling...i haven't been brittle v long and so still feel v new to it all. Summat my new gp said 2 me was that if in doubt get help. She said how quickly it can get worse but also better. She said call an ambulance/go 2 A&E if in doubt, u can always get there and say 'hey i'm ok' and turn around...better 2 be safe than sorry. I did this recently and was glad i did as got worse once i got there. I always say 2 my flatmates i'll b fine when i get there and never am! Other people are usually better judges than u. I think the 'do i need help?' question is the hardest one as an asthmatic has to answer esp the more difficult the asthma is.

Take care,

Emily x


Hi asm,

How are you feeling?

Did you go and get help?

Hope you are doing better!!!!

Take care




I to have brittle asthma and it has been bad recently. My husband is a retired GP and one time i argued with him as to whether I should call the paramedics. That time I ended up going in through ressus. If in doubt call for help in an attack but I get the feeling you could do with more general advice. Do you have an asthma nurse at your surgry. We do and she is great as she has more time to listen and explore the problem. It is worth asking


do I need help-update

hello all to replied and thanku too

I ended up going in and only came out yesterday. Nasty asthma caused by chest infection. In the end had to have a magnesium IV to get it under control as steriods were not touching it. now it seems I may have diabetes too....


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