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sudden attack

Since escaping from costa after 25 days early July Ive been plodding along - symptomatic every day and not doing particularly well but holding my own- until Friday night.

I was over at a friends and was much the same as i have been for a while tight but nothing i cant deal with- i had a coughing fit and suddenly i just couldn't breathe in or out , i rapidly did a neb using my omron microair and got some relief so carried on enjoying the evening. It then happened all over again but not quite as bad so i thought i would shoot home. I(foolishly) drove home whilst struggling and then once getting through the door it was like like someone had sucked all the air out of me and i just couldn't breathe in or out - hubby brought my big neb downstairs as well as my sats monitor and the reading did un-nerve me somewhat - sats of 83% at pulse of 147 - thankfully after 3 nebs(allowed in my protocol) i had picked up enough to stay at home. I will be speaking to my community nurse tomorrow about it as well.

The whole experience has rather shaken me as have only had 1 previous attack like it which resulted in my first ventilation. I know my asthma is not controlled but there is nothing else that my con can do for me due to other problems and have got used to being very restricted in my daily life but this has really scared me.

Has anyone experienced an attack like that before and how did they cope?

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Sorry to hear about your bad attack. I had very similar experience when in my 20s - didnt have a home nebuliser at the time and landed up in Costa for a week I seem to remember. How did I cope? well, I was very anxious about my asthma for a long time after, but it never happened quite like that again. Try not to get too stressed about what happened (easier said than done, I know) because anxiety can make asthma worse.


Similar episodes have happened to me.poor asthma for weeks then sudden dip and nebs dont work. Now I go straight to a and e as soon as the nebs don't work. Thankfully mag sulphate iv always does the trick to stabilize me.


Thanks for your replies.

I had a repeat of friday night earlier today again going down really quickly, thankfully back to back nebs worked again but its scary the rate that i went from my current norm of mild wheeze/ cough to fighting for breath especially as i was home alone. I spoke to my nurse and shes not overly happy and am seeing the GP tomorrow as this isnt normal for me. im used to severe attacks but not ones that come on so quickly - im quite a calm person and i dont panic but this si starting to scare me.


Hope the gp is able to help and things get sorted quickly.


Sorry to hear you've been poorly again. Hope the doctor can help. Take care.


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