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This is the first time I've spent so much time on here, and I have picked up a lot of tips tonight.

Is there any one on here who can be just sitting down and they get short of breath for no apparent reason? This seems to be happening me a lot. I don't know if its to do with the fact that I'm battling a bad chest/lung infection for the past 2 months or not?

I can wake up at night and start panting to get my breath.

Does this happen to anyone else?

How long more before I feel well?

The anti biotics I'm on are so strong I'm itching and trying to not scratch. If this one doesn't work wil it be hosp? I'm on my 5th and its the strongest they day they can give me. Any advice or help gratefully accepted.

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Welcome Angle,

I get breathless just sitting and also can wake up breathless and find it hard to sleep

at times.

Hope your antibiotics work for you and if you have breathing problems still I would

go get checked out again x


Thanks for your pm .Keep us posted !x


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