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Here I go again !!!

Was on 40mg pred and then on 10mg pred daily and my consultant and his asthma nurse wanted see how went on with lmg reduction to O. With instructions to phone them. After 2 weeks went splat and they faxed my GP with a 40mg pred plan for 40 days and will decide weather to keep doing the 40 day plan or keep me on 10mg daily and will decide when see how i go on in between as asthma worse this year. pf 250 and on day 3 of 4O day plan. At least my Consulatant and his asthma nurse got me on a plan.x Edit- due see them again in May x

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Glad you've got a plan in place! I'm constantly trying to wean down my pred but always end up whacking it back up :( hope you feel better with this plan xx


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