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I saw a friend this week and she said she thinks im taking to many meds and may be i would be better off with out them.I was not to kind and said if i stoped them i was likly to die.why do people think asthma is some thing you can play around with.Im sure she wouldnt have said this to someone with a heart problem.It just makes me mad.

My asthma is really bad at the moment and im not sure why.see the con this week so let hope he can come up with some answers.


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  • my dad says that to me all the time and it annoys me as well. people who say that should experience 10 Min's of not been able to breathe. its not funny at all. we would all not be here if it weren't for our meds. hope you feel better soon xx


  • this annoys me more! - asthma is not a made up thing in peoples mind.

    I went to the pharmacy when i was about to start my 3rd inhaler and I asked the pharmacist is it safe to use three inhalers and be on singulair - i dont know why i asked thinking back this is what she said : 'Asthma is psychological and its sort of in your head once its out of your mind you will feel better'

    to which i asked: so if its in my head why is there fluid in my lungs? I think people can be really thick when it comes to a long term illness.

    I have a lot of thick receptionists at my doctors who ask me the nature of the problem when i attend the asthma clinic!

  • Usually witty one liners help when dealing with people like this. Just think of a few for nxt time. My kids are experts at it.

  • Hope you feel better soon Denise . Gussy poo

  • there is no way of making people understand how horrible it is, i recently saw a different gp i just needed a repeat prescription urgently - what surprised me is that she was so much more understanding that the regular Gp i see. (where as the regular GP is probably waiting for pigs to fly before he stepped my medication up!)

    people who dont suffer with asthma dont always understand just how bad the chronic type can be! like gussypoo said take it easy and laugh it off.

  • Confused u should see the new dr. When u get a dr who u trust it helps. A dr at my practice told me. Nothing was wrong with my asthma, i was short of breath cos I put weight on with the steriods. Needless to say never seem him again and my own gp very supportive

  • Even my mum questions all the meds my son is on and she saw me grow up with severe asthma etc. and was a highly qualified nursing sister herself. GP had increased the dose of Nuelin and she thought that was wrong. And she's always thought he shouldn't be on so many antibiotics or steroids - it really annoys me. BUT I know she means well.

  • angievere my mum does this too even though she went through excatly what i am (mind you she never had bad gp practice though) - drives me crazy when she says the medication is too strong because firstly it works and secondly she is just stating the obvious!

  • I had a Locum tell me I was on too much medication, he based that on his own asthma that he had once, yet my own GP and asthma nurse don't think I'll get to lower the dosage which i'm going to try soon. Locum had a cussing from the practice manager once I complained.

  • gp practice politics is quite funny

    I have the three doctors i currently see contradict eachother - when the last gp gave me the top up flixotide she said ""what the hell is he waiting for add flixotide and reduce the severity!..these men""

    I'd be happy to puff on all the inhalers than to be on preds and antibiotics for a longtime.

  • I get cross when I tell people I cant exercise at the moment as my asthma is so severe. They look at me as if I'm mad and just utterly lazy.They say can't you just use an inhaler (ha ha) I'm trying to lose weight, trust me if I could I would be swimming every day which I love and walking.People just dont see asthma as a serious condition, they think a couple of puffs on the blue inhaler and all is magically better. AS IF!

  • yeah im on a mission to loose weight now too. I ordered some publications from here an its made me think about my flare ups, everytime my weight drops i have a lower severity of asthma attacks and when my weight increases it aggravates the asthma and also sets my blood pressure up when i have an attack.

    i hate it when people say its all in your head - clearly its not and its all in my lungs!! Might start Kettleworx as the Wii fit routine didnt really get the rapid result i was after.

  • I have a similar problem. On friday my asthma was playing up quite badly, mainly because of a bonfire nearby. A friend with milder asthma told me I was overeacting. It really annoys me because everyone's asthma and reaction to triggers is different, and you'd think the people with asthma would be the ones that understand. I think the problem with asthma is because it is so prevelant as a mild as well as a serious condition people cant grasp that meds are necessary i guess.

    Hope you get some answers soon x

  • Totally on board here. I study and teach martial arts and initially two of the instructors at one of the clubs I go and learn at had only ever met very mild asthmatics and most of the kids I teach with asthma are the 'I've got a blue inhaler, but I don't ever use it' tyoes and the instructors kept pushing me far harder than was remotely wise and then acted shocked when I was collapsed on the sidelines unable to do anything other than wheeze and take my blue inhaler for the best part of an hour after they pushed me too hard in the warm-up. I honestly thought on a couple of occasions that I'd need to call an ambulance (and I couldn't explain that to anyone, because I couldn't talk).

    Luckily I took the head instructor to one side, explained my current care pathway and just how ill I was at the time and things are better. The instructors who were pushing me too hard are nice people and they honestly didn't think that what they were doing was wrong. They were just ignorant.

    Then there's the workmate who goes 'Oh you should just get a purple inhaler like me', when I found out the hard way that I'm hyoersensitive to the long-acting bronchodilators in the purple and red ones. The amount of ignorance you get about asthma is shocking, especially since it's getting more common.

  • Whenever I go in to see one of my doctors to say I'm needing to take my inhaler more and my peak flow has dropped a lot and then she tells me I'm depressed and talks to me for ten mins about my wellbeing and then when I asked what she was gonna do about my lungs she prescribed my antihistamines even though I don't have allergies! All my friends either over react or under react to asthma, I have stopped going to some peoples houses coz their parents keep pushing my inhaler on me and it makes ne shakey! People need to learn more!

  • I think thats common though as my gp askes me; Is anything bothering you? are you stressed? and i answer 'yes, the asthma' very annoying!

  • I have one doc who is great at asthma but very unsympathetic about my weight, he's also wired about getting bloods done even when I need them, I have to decide what I'm gonna talk about before if go :)

  • you can never get the right balance with GP's in think. They are either laid back too laid back or over ambitious and end up prescribing medicine which clash. I saw a different GP last month as the regular GP i see (the laid back one) was sick and the (over ambitious one) was on leave by sheer chance i saw the one that was the balance in the middle!

    I once saw the Laid back one left me over christmas with a chest infection and no medication then saw the over ambitious one i walked out with 6 prescriptions!

  • Best one for us was head of son's school year telling him she is a chronic asthmatic herself but could run marathons and son should still do PE and Games - why wasn't he doing them? was it really because he doesnt like sport?

    She also told me it was important my son didnt feel 'limited by his asthma' and to avoid being off school because they're choosing GCSE options next year!!! After all we've been through I could have screamed... Even school's matron is unsympathetic. It's unbelievable.

  • You should have asked her what medication she's on?

    i'll have whatever she's having- i have chronic asthma find a flight of stairs difficult at times!

  • What a brilliant answer Confused - which I'd thought of it!! Trouble is she's very intimidating, even for me, and I would say I'm no pushover. But I always worry that if I say what I really think the school will take it out on my son. They are a funny lot.

  • It makes me so mad too. My auntie says that I should use ' positive thinking' but all the positive thinking in the world won't make it go away, they can't understand how I used to be so active and now can't walk down the path without getting breathless. I hate all those people who moan about their weight and can exercise but can't be bothered, I'd love to be able to go walking and horseriding like I used to but I can't even go near a horse now let alone ride one! I've developed a lot of other health conditions because of all the steroids that I've had to take and I'm a right mess. Sometimes I wish someone would inject me with a high dose of morphine and put me out of my misery but then think how selfish that would be leaving my family behind. I just get so scared when I can't breathe. I wouldn't wish asthma on my worse enemy and it really makes me mad how people don't understand. Even my mum and brother don't understand, my brother says I'm a odd because I can't stand any strong smells because it sets my asthma off and even my mum got a dog when she knows that makes my asthma worse.

    My asthma has got worse lately too, I don't know whether it's because of the pollen, all I know it's frightening.

    Keep well

  • Angievere, you did the right thing. i think that most head teachers are stuck in playground mode and its hard for them to be concerned with your child the way you are- she is just probably thinking this is pupil 100. besides that she's probably exaggerating about the condition of her asthma and the marathon was probably jog in a very big park!

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