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After some moaning at my specilised they decided they dont realy know what to do with me as I am only 22 they dont want to go down the steriod route yet so they are bringing me in as a inpatient and doing in his words every lung test they can do whilst I am off meds (I am always well when I see him!)

What test do you think he means?... i know a Bronch is on the list

What is involved with a Bronc? Will I be sedated?

What is Heartlands wards like? I hate hospitals when I am ill so I know I will go mad!

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Hi Bizkid,

I'm in Heartlands at the moment. The likelihood is that you will be on Ward 24 - the respiratory ward. I think you've stayed there before as you posted about staying in Heartlands on another thread? It's a nice modern ward, in bays of 4 with ensuite, or single rooms if you've got a nasty bug or other need. The staff are really friendly and it's so nice to go somewhere where they already know and understand about brittle asthma.

I had a bronchoscopy as part of the difficult asthma work-up. I was given sedation, but not too much as they don't want to impair your breathing. I 'remember' (or think I remember) the odd word of conversation, and studying the sign above the door opposite quite intently, but I certainly don't remember any pain or fear or anything unpleasant, so I was clearly sedated enough. I also had a CT scan, and routine x-rays, but I'm sure the exact nature of the tests depends on what they find as they go along.

When I was admitted I also had a prednisolone absorption study done - but again I think you've done that already - and also a whole battery of pretty intensive lung function tests.

If you have any questions, get back in touch with the team and ask - I imagine your admission won't be for a few weeks yet as half the hospital is closed with teh winter vomitting bug and beds are pretty hard to come by. I cannot fault the Heartlands team so I'm sure you'll be fine. Just take plenty of trashy reading material!


I was overnight in ward 19 but all the others have been outpatient...

Its planning to be March.....

I have done the Prednislone test.... and some lung function but I think they want to respeat them now I am off steriods

I was planning on brining my laptop and plenty of DVD's!!!


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