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Singulair and Seizures

I'm very confused and unsure what to do - I'd be grateful for any advice.

For the last few months I have been having quite regular seizures (tonic-clonic) and abnormal muscle movements, twitches etc - I'm under a consultant neurologist and have been hospitalised on a few occasions.

This last time I was in a doctor said that my Singulair tablets (for asthma) could be the cause. I'm unsure about this because I started Singulair last September but have only had seizures in last few months and I also asked my respiratory consultant last time I saw him and he went through all my meds and said there wasn't a problem - and I trust him.

Seizures are listed in the very long list of side-effects in the leaflet that comes with the tablets (but so are about 40 other possible side-effects).

The hospital doctor told me to consider not taking singulair but I was given no advice about doing this and I'm very concerned as it's made a huge difference to my asthma control - surely it's not safe for me to be messing with my meds myself without guidance (I have continued to take it)?

Has anyone else heard of this/had this as a side-effect? Is it OK as the hosp doc said to just not take a medicine - it doesn't seem right to me?

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as you've been on singulair for some time, then I would have thought that this wasn't the cause of your seizures. I see you are on other meds to control your asthma symptoms, how well controlled it your asthma at the moment? If it's very stable, and you have a high peakflow, then try stopping the singulair, it's the only way to prove if thats the cause of your seizures, but do keep an eye on the PF if you do stop, and general asthma symptoms.

I've only recently started it as a trial for a month or two, but so far no symptoms. Other meds (salmeterol) which I'm still on did cause a few problems to start with but have gradually reduced, and that would be the normal route, but not always, so try stopping singulair if your stable and really want to be sure.

Take care, and do let us know what you do, and if it works.



Hey ratty

I suffer with epilepsy and have seizures of the tonic clonic kind.

Have you had an EEG to rule out epilepsy?

I take singulair but have had epilepsy since the age of 5 so I know its not that cause my fits. I was seizure free for nearly 10 years and last year I had a huge seizure whilst in hospital and also some myoclonic seizures after this (jerking of my arms).

I hope you Get it sorted soon.



Thanks - I'm very worried about just stopping a med without medical supervision - I'm seeing my GP on Tuesday so I'll wait until then and ask before doing anything - I also need to get my PF back up first.

I've been having myoclonic jerks and tonic clonic seizures (it was this which put me in hospital) and am currently under investigation - they did an EEG which was normal but they have said that just means I didn't have symptoms during the 15 minutes of the test, which I could have told them myself, so I'm left really unsure about what's happening and scared of what could happen. :(


My last EEG was normal but because of my history and past EEGs being abnormal I was told just to be careful but not restarted on anti seizure meds yet. Have they suggested putting you on any meds to prevent them from happening?

I know it be very frightnening having a seizure, do you get any warnings before one happens, I get whats called an 'aura' (flashing lights and spots in my vision) and feel dizzy so I know to get into a safe place.

I know you havnt been dignosed with epilepsy but epilepsy action have a forum that I'm a member of and they give great advice and support, maybe have a look at there site?



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