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Dysfunctional Breathing Pattern

Hi All

Hope everybody is well!!!!

I went to have my chest checked today as i am back to work on Monday!! Its ok, still abit phlegmy which i'm trying to dispose of (not very lady like) He has refered me to a physio at our local health clinic as he says i have a dysfunctional breathing pattern. He said its very common with asthmatics.

Has anybody on here had it?

And does physio help?

Many thanks

Julie X

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i was told i had a dysfunctional breathin problem...that i didnt breathe properly...that my stomach goes in instead of out when i breathe in...ive now had 3 physio sessions nd have found it has realli helped...firstly i did breathin exercises then relaxation nd it has proved that i didnt hyperventilate during my recent attack...nd oxygen levels didnt drop as low


Thanks for your reply. It doesn't look as common as the doctor made out! LOL

It will be interesting to see what they do.


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