Medic Alert Bracelet - It's Arrived!

It has finally arrived. Took about 2 weeks which wasn't too bad, I was worried that I wouldn't receive it in time for when I go to Portugal next week. Only slight annoyance is that I put what medication down on the form that I take and it says I didn't, but will sort this tomorrow.

I got one of those sports ones, please with it. :)

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  • medic alert bracelet

    Could you tell me how you went about getting one and how much it cost? I feel one would benefit me but don't know how to go about it.

  • I got one as well but i got the regular stainless steal one and it's very unconfortable. So i dont wear it but they are very expensive.

  • Hi Belinda,

    You can get them from here It is expensive as amandana says, about £47.50 when you first order with a £20 a year subscription fee thereafter. The bracelet's are around £24 well, the sports one is.

    Still, I think it's worth it. As an analogy, it's a bit like being in the AA all the time you begrudge paying for it as it's for a seervice you don't use and you can't see where your money goes, but the minute you stop paying for it is the day you need it most.

  • Hi Belinda,

    I was advised by my doc to wear a MedicAlert bracelet. So finally signed up a few years ago. You get a bracelet or necklet, - your choice - plus an accompanying credit card sized card which can be kept in your purse. The card includes more details than the bracelet such as contact name of nearest relative, name of doctor, your own address as well as the MedicAlert tel no and member number, the last two of which are also included on your MedicAlert bracelet. Both items include brief details of medical conditions plus drugs taken.

    You also receive a comprehensive ‘letter’ with all sorts of info, but you must make sure you tell them about any changes in your medical condition etc.

    MedicAlert is a registered charity, so if you are on a low income you can get sponsorship. Costs vary according to the type of bracelet or necklet you want to wear, but typically start at around £20. Membership costs start from £20 per year.

    You can find out more by typing in MedicAlert online or freephone 0800 581420.


    PS. Don't begrudge paying the money as my bracelet, - at the risk of sounding melodramatic - did save my life.

  • Yeah i agree, i was never advised to wear one. I am not sure about UK but here in canada people get bracalets for serious conditions and even that its optional. But i don't think alot of people with asthma wear one, i have mild to moderate asthma, i've only had one asthma attack this past summer since i was a child, so i don't know if it's practical to or any point.

  • I think a lot depends on your own personal circumstances. The main reason I joined and got mine is that I am going abroad. It's something that readily recognisable in an emergency rather than having to rilfe through you pockets for any other information about you. :)

  • Yeah i agree with that it makes sense i would carry mine if i go overseas.

  • I got my son one last summer as he was at an age where he was out with mates etc and I was worried what if he had a severe attack.. We ordered the dogtag style, bought a cheapish chunky silver chain and now he has a medic alert chain he thinks is great and his mates class as 'Bling' lol . I know the cost can be an issue but as Mia says it could save your life. Obviously its all personal choice to wear or not but its a releif for me to know where ever my son is medics would be able to get his medical info asap.

  • also meant to say in certain cases if people are on benefits they can get medic alerts at a reduced rate.

  • I have a stainless steel one which I wear all the time and is very comfy. Must say that both times I've been in A+E unable to talk with it on nobody has noticed it. The same happened with my friend who has epilepsy. Doctors in general are pretty bad about recognising them.

  • Owl, I ordered the bracelet on the grounds they tend to go looking there for gases and venflons and should notice it!


  • Have to say, should I ever need one, I'd probably go for the bracelet - I think the necklace is more likely to get overlooked as ""just a necklace"". Mind you that's a personal view, so don't shout at me :-)

  • yeah that figures that they would see wrist one more... but was reassured when paramedics noticed Seans chain straight away when he had that seizure. I guess neither bracelet or chain is a gaurentee (sp) , could always try a neon flashing light across forehead :-)

  • Aye, less likely to get overlooked with the lads!!

  • Yea i got staineless steal one but i am going to need to get a bigger one, i like when bracalets can just be sliped on and off i'd prefer one that i can just wear it when i go out.

  • I had one send to me as well. It only taken 10 days.Not bad.Over her they do even stickers for your car. I'm waiting for mine at the me.

    L. Kaz

  • I had to order a new sports braclet as my strap had fallen to bits and it came i 6 days i was well impressed.

    Both Chloe and i have the sports bracelts and we only take them off for a shower/bath at jome otherwise they are always on.

    Mine has been referred to about 2 yrs ago whenm i had a very bad attack and wasnt with anyone who knew all my details . it did make things alot easier.

    Knowing Chloe has got one too is good for my peace of mind when she is away from me.

    I would reccommend the sports bracelts to anyone not matter what age or sex!!

  • I Might get the purple strapped one LOL! I have the plain large wrist one at the mo.

    There are a good range of all fashion types now though.


  • Wow! at the replies, didn't think so many people would!

    Well, I have now decided to wear mine perminently, for that 'just in case' scenario. I work in the construction industry (Building Surveyor) and my job can take me anywhere to any site etc. I've never had an attack during the day for over a year, but when I do, it tends to be major and a hospital job.

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