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proper random after reading cheesy post on another forum!

A person on there stated that on a oxomiter their sats were around 91/92% during and attack, but on ABG it showed sats were this possible or does the calcuation become different or are the docs just saying there fine coz their either pooping a breeze block right now or considering 91/92% as being fine?!?!

Pure curiosity...nothing drastic!!!

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erm.. for me they aim for my sats to be between 88%-92% but thats because im on long-term 02. i think they like your sats to be 92% + in an attack if your o2 levels are usually normal. On a blood gas once mine was 4.8 or something and my c02 was 14 and they tubed me.. woke up a week later. so i dunno... but if anyone does know i would like to know!!! :)

Thank you! :)


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