Adverts that make us laugh, smile, groan

Anyone seen the ad for Blackberry's new iPad copy?

Even as a dyed in the wool Apple person - I've even had my photo taken outside Apple HQ in Cupertino - have to say Blackberry's ad dept has done a brilliant job to promote the major difference between Apple's i-Pad and theirs. Flash.

Apart from that the ad is pretty boring but using Brian May's lyric makes it memorable.

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  • Love all things Apple (well, except for some of their contract terms re e-books, but that's a work grudge unrelated to my liking for shiny gadgets ;))

    I like the Cravendale ad - 'cats with thumbs' - excellent! Sent it to my dad who loved it. Also the Orange 'don't let a mobile phone ruin your movie' ones you get at the cinema - I always look forward to those.

    Seem to have way too much memory for ad slogans - I tend to remember them and then everyone else looks mystified if I mention them. I still think Mastercard's 'There are some things money can't buy; for everything else there's Mastercard' was/is brilliant.

  • Any adverts or commercials with cats in make me smile :)

  • I dont like any adverts that make men out to be stupid or inept. Think they are sexist and it wouldnt be allowed if it was the other way round (ie women made to look stupid).

  • My sisters cat DOES have thumbs!!

  • That is worrying - does this cat lead a criminal life? Is s/he good at breaking into things? Not that they need thumbs to break into cupboards and steal things.

    'Macavity, Macavity, there's no-one like Macavity...' (I bet he had thumbs!)

    angievere, agree with you re the sexist inept men ones, though I also hate those smiley Stepford wife-ish washing powder ones (they usually seem to be for washing powders or other householdy things, though the Persil ones aren't too bad). I also dislike anything with overly cutesy children or babies.

  • Can't think of any adverts i particularly enjoy right now although there definitely sre some. can not stand recent fad of making cats, dogs , and babies do what adults do. freaks me out. so new andrex computerised advert, toilet roll one with kid who is manager. must be a toilet roll thing!!

  • September20.

    Felines who have more than the usual number of toes(ie thumbs) are called Polydactyl cats and it's not as unusual as you might think.

    Dave(Useless Information Bureau).

  • There is an ad for washing powder (Persil I think) that shows little boys on bikes, rolling around, getting really dirty. In small print at the bottom it says 'wash immediately' but the boys are shown playing for quite a long time. Really irritating and misleading.

    I KNOW all about getting mud, grass stains, ink etc out of my son's clothes and believe me, nothing really works as all the dirt is usually ground in for hours before things get washed.

  • until it was banned, i lovedthe advert with the animated dog going for the walls sausages then going sack into the glass patio door and sliding down it. used to make me laugh everytime. hehe!!!!


  • Can't for the life of me remember what it's advertising, but I love the one with the cat hitching a ride on a tortoise. It just makes me giggle!

  • Alexander Orlov RULES!!!!!

  • Hi.

    As a follow up to my last post I have to say that the 118 118 guys do my head in. I've never seen anything so sad in my life as those two trying to be funny. Also I think a decent meal would do them both good.


  • Dave Cross - I absolutely agree, dont like those ads at all. Also the singing chap on GoCompare is starting to really grate. But I like the one with meerkats (Comparethemarket or something like that!).

    And there's an ad (cant remember what for) with a man walking about with his chin covered in bees. Anyone seen that one? I cant watch it, makes me feel ill.

  • The Matalan one makes me dizzy so carnt stand it as suffer with MD.

    was warned about it on MD forum.

  • Groan tunes in adverts -

    1. Admiral multi car.

    2. Finish, the diamond standard.

    3. Go Compare.

  • Have to mute the GoCompare ads now - will they ever end??

  • Man with the bee beard is magners cider ! X

  • new favourite spec savers with the little boy and the remote control car, it is wrong one and is smashing the car by working the garage door. I love it!

  • Hate the new Haribo advert!

  • Im getting fed up of the merkat adverts... funny at first now just boring!

  • I'm actually really enjoying the new Old Spice adverts but I hate the adverts. Wish they would stop trying to make an adjective.

  • I must be watching too much TV because I am fed up of most of the ads at the moment - the only ones I like are the meerkat ones - sorry Bizkid!!

  • I turned dairy 3 2 months ago to identify whether it was a trigger or y is it 9/10 adverts have foods i would love to eat because they have dairy pizza or ben and jerrys ice cream or the new mayo's....rubbish!!!! Lol

  • Aldi's Tea bags and fish finger ads make me chuckle. Howled out loud at the Cravendale milk one with cats with opposable thumbs. My boyfirend's fave catch phrase is ""jog on"" and my nick name is Kitty!

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