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James Bond Quiz ( especially for peaksteve)

If you are an avid fan these should not pose a problem for you : )

1.What is the name of the James Bond film that has just been released in the cinema?

2.Who plays James Bond in the new film?

3.Who played James Bond in The film Moonraker?

4.What is the name of James Bond’s secretary?

5.What is the name of James Bond’s mini helicopter?

6.What is the name of the person who invents James bonds gadgets?

7.What is the name of James Bond’s boss?

8.What is James Bonds favourite drink?

9.Name two types of car that James Bond drives?

10.Which film did the character Oddjob appear in?

11.Which film did the character Scaramanga appear in?

12.Who sang the theme tune to The Living Daylights film?

13.What pet did Blofelt have?

14.Who sang the theme tune to A View to a Kill?

15.Which film did Pussy Galore star in?

16.Which film did James Bond get mixed up with Voodoo magic and Kananga?

17.Which powerful organisation did James Bond battle in the film Thunderball

18.Who played James Bond in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service?

19.Who played James Bond in Licence to Kill?

20.Who writes the James Bond stories?

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Can't fight the urge any longer...!

1 - ""Casino Royale""

2 - Daniel Craig

3 - Roger Moore

4 - Loelia ""Lil"" Ponsonby - Miss Moneypenny is M's secretary! (See, I said I was an anorak)

5 - Little Nellie

6 - Major Boothroyd, aka Q

7 - Originally, Sir Miles Messervy, aka M - now it's still M, surname unknown, but her first name is given as Barbara in the film ""The World Is Not Enough"". *zip*

8 - Medium-dry vodka martini - with lemon peel - shaken, not stirred

9 - Can I go for broke? ""Blower"" Bentley, Aston Martin DB5, AMC Hornet (he does that spiral jump over a bridge in one of these), Lotus Esprit, Aston Martin Virage Volante, Citroen 2CV!, Audi 100 (how dull), BMW M3, BMW 750iL, BMW Z8, Aston Martin Vanquish, Aston Martin DBS. There are other peripheral cars, too.

10 - ""Goldfinger"", played by Harold Sakata

11 - ""The Man With The Golden Gun"", played by Christopher Lee (Ian Fleming's cousin, no less)

12 - a-ha

13 - White cat (although he also had a couple of fighting fish in ""From Russia With Love"", and a lake of piranah in ""You Only Live Twice"")

14 - Duran Duran

15 - ""Goldfinger"", played by Honor Blackman

16 - ""Live And Let Die""

17 - SPECTRE - the ""SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion""

18 - George Lazenby

19 - Timothy Dalton

20 - Currently, I think Raymond Benson is doing it, but of course the real answer is Ian Fleming!

Good grief... I need to get out more.


such mad people you all are! I sit and watch a movie. Not take notes! That's for english!


Need to get out more"" , well that proabbly means thousands of other James bond fans as well, like my hubby and son who has an encyclopedia on James Bond facts!


Oh can I have a star trek one or Lord of the Rings please pretty please.



Speedy, tell your hubby and son that is brilliant for Bond facts - plus it always stays up-to-date. I have four Bond fact-based books, but Wikipedia's entries cover everything that is in all of the books - and much more. Just do an search for ""James Bond"" and everything is linked from the initial article.


Can we have a Harry Potter Quiz please?

And I might get my act together and do a wildlife one! (revenge cos I can't answer most of the filmy stuff! LOL)




Will hunt back and see if can find one.

Has anyone bought or tried the DVD interactive 007 or Star Wars games, just wondering how complex they are. Thinking of xmas pressies


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