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Silly News Story

I just heard a rather sad but silly news item on the radio, which may actually have effected some of you here.

A squirrel mistook a wooden electricity pole for a tree and cut off power to over 10 000 homes in Devon. The squirrel ran to the top of the pole, received a shock and blew the power on the line in the process!

Poor squirrel ..... but not the cleverest of animals clearly.

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Poor squirel you do watch some daft things Becky. My poor chest didn't appreciate tho takes after squirrel obviously!


Brings a whole new meaning to the ‘electric powered squirrel cage motor’ LOL

Sorry guys, couldn’t resist. Perhaps those from an engineering background will appreciate my dry sense of humour, …well maybe not (as he pulls wig forward to conceal cheeky red face).

Take hair,



Squirrel didn't affect us here in Brixham, did it affect you Becky? Let's hope others don't try to do the same thing.

Ange xx


No didn't effect me as I'm at completely the other end of the country from Devon - I'm in Newcastle upon Tyne. Thought it was a very silly news item though and couldn't resist passing it on. Radio 4 is so ridiculous sometimes!


Hi Becky,

Sorry for stepping on your patch Becky.

This is were you can read about the electrocuted squirrel!!



Ooooh, missed that one on Radio 4 - excellent station..... especially at 19:02 in the evenings...... The Archers! LOL!

Squirels can cause an awful lot of damage - my Cousin's kitchen was wrecked by a trapped squirrel when they were away.

The grey ones are a pain anyway!!




blimey thats a dopey squirrel.

animals do the funniest things


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