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Your work colleagues

We recently had a Nuclear Installations Inspectorate ""person"" with us for a week on an audit of some kind and they remarked that it was like an episode of ""Top Cat"" working with us due to all the nicknames,here are some of them;

Eclipse-(hes as bright as one!)

Concrete-(hes as thick as some!)

Lofty-bet you cant guess why !!

Mrs Force-Wind (first name Gail)

The Slug

Tin Man

Vaseline Head

Penelope Pitstop (dead ringer for the cartoon character)

Parachute Head

Vera Polish

Ding Dong (last name Bell)

The Smoking Monkey

Junior (hes 65!)

Leggo Lad

The Arab

The Lobster

Billy Blunt (last name Sharpe)

Frenchy (me)

Furniture (last name Fernival)


and finally, Bolly Head (a bolly is a metallic marble!!)

-our merry Band of Brothers!!!!

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I Like it!

I assume your nick name is ..... Bluejam??


No ,its Frenchy,I once said a sentence in French to a visitor so I immediately became Frenchy-