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Mad drawings

Was sitting on the floor of friend's flat earlier and had all these rubber ducks looking at me. So I decided to draw a duck. Don't know where it came from, but decided to colour it in the AUK colours. Friend then decided to get one of the rubber ducks and colour it in the AUK colors. It's been a strange evening.

Anyone else ever drawn something completely barmy?

Vicky and Vicky.

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hahahaha sounds like a crazy mad fun evening - the kind of thing i'd like to do. And your ducks are both brill :-D :-D


sounds fun, but i couldnt get the web adress to work when copied and pasted?


hannahrose - there's a space on both weblinks that shouldn't be there - at the very end they both say

[.j pg]

copy and paste then delete the space and it works :-)


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