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dear everyone,

sorry i don't post or answer peeple very often, two reasons: i never feel confident about giving advice or anything based on what i know and on my own experience. also, i have to admit i'm just plain lazy, and don't feel like putting in the time and effort to answer.... but i read ur stuff everyday, and i think it helps me to accept and live with my asthma, so thanks everyone, and keep up the good work!!

so, here's my REAL question: there are some people on this forum whom one cannot access their profile at all, and so neither can one send them an email or a personal message. is this normal? why is this? is it that some people do not click the ""allow other members to see my profile"" box, or/and do not click the ""allow other members to see my email"" box when they are creating or updating their own profile?

i think this is generally a good idea, that we should have this option of being able to keep some distance and privacy and remain somewhat anonymous; however, is there a way in wich, in exceptionnal circumstances, one could be able to contact these users all the same?

for as you may have gathered, i have an idea that i could be helped by certain users on here in particular, but cannot at the moment contact them.

thanks for all your help

keep well, everyone


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Hi Rose.

As you say, people have to option to allow others to see their profile and send them messages. Some people dislike the thought of anonymous message board users being able to see their details and message them, so they will have turned these options off.

Others may simply have not enabled them.

If you have a query you could try posting it on the general message board, as there may be other users who could help. You could also try posting asking this member if they would like to be messaged!

In exceptional circumstances, you could PM either myself or PeakSteve (as moderators), or email Webeditor, and ask for your message to be passed on to the user in question.





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