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Random silliness - celebrity baby name thread

Hope no-one minds or thinks I'm trivialising things with so many members struggling at the moment, but I thought I would start an extremely silly and frivolous thread so that anyone wanting a distraction can come on here and take their mind off things for a few minutes.

SO: with the recent birth of Harper Seven Beckham, if you were a celebrity inclined towards choosing ridiculous names for your kids, what would you pick? The sillier the better - although I really hope no-one takes anything as inspiration....

My first choice: Lucky Eight-Ball Astral Sunshine

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Cool Runnings Bob Sleigh


Good one, Fee Jay.

I'd go for Apple Mac.


We had neighbours when I was a kid who called their baby girl Chelsea. Their surname was Bunn.


Here's a genuine one. My son's best friend became a dad (a surprise baby, but that's another story) and named his new little boy after my son, who was so proud that he swore that he'd name his first child after his friend. Some years later, my daughter in law became pregnant and my son was delighted because that meant that he could keep his promise that his baby's second name would be Dave. Everyone (except me, because I know him better than they do) laughed and told him how disappointed he'd be if the baby was a girl and he couldn't call her Dave. He just smiled.

Even my son isn't cruel enough give his little girl the middle name Dave, so he didn't. Her middle name is D. It could have been worse, I suppose, and she's always got me to help her to plot her revenge.


not silly.. till you see his initials.. to wind DH up i said i wanted to call a boy

Iestyn Thomas... so I'd always be able to call IT!

DH wants Ifor Biggun!!!


We have several clients with names like Leslie Clive or Lawrence Charles, all of whom are known as Elsie in the office.


think a bit of light relief will do everyone good - my teen should have been called cornetto - as they were all i ate when i was pregnant (it was a very hot summer lol) x


Mmm, cornetto. One of my colleagues is pregnant and seems to be into Petits Filous atm - hope she's not planning to call the baby that.

Just remembered a classic - Princess Consuela Bananahammock ;)


if you're going with what kids should have been called from cravings while preggers..

Sian Louise would have been Bodger ( i lived on mashed potatoes for 9mos!)

Elisabeth Jade... nope she was fine, no cravings with her!

Frederick George would have been Dairy Milk

EDIT to explain something... I'm a little thick!


In which case, our first child would have been Tomato Flavoured Crisps and the second would have been called Cream Cakes.


Edit: duplicate post.


Hmm, never been pregnant but feeling inspired - maybe if I have twins I'll call them Green and Black or Ben and Jerry. Apparently there were twins in NZ called Benson&Hedges - I hope they weren't named on this principle!

One kid could be Lindt, Thornton or Cadbury. Or maybe Lindor? Add a percentage - I see your Harper Seven, Posh & Becks, and raise you a Lindt 86.


Mine would have been:

Chicken Chow Mein (Amy Jo)

Hot Dogs with mustard (Michael)

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches (Emily Ann)

Bizarre or what :D


Mmmm. I could totally eat a toasted cheese sandwich now!

No kids, but based on my current eating patterns we would have:

Miss Pineapple KitKat Wishes

and Mr Lindor Cheese Wishes


I used to have one of those amazing sandwich toasters - what's the brand name - begins with a B? (Why do I seem to think with my lungs? Lungs are not for thinking but they are giving me way too many blonde moments right now - ah, got it, Breville!) Made amazing cheese toasties with crisp edges.

Just seen that Kate Hudson has called her son Bingham Hawn Bellamy. Hmm. Guess the Hawn makes sense but I'm not convinced by the whole thing, though it's better than Peaches or Fifi Trixibelle (especially for a boy...). And at least the first name doesn't begin with a G or that would be an unfortunate set of initials!


Oooh yes - the sandwich toasters that make the edges crispy. MMmmmmm! We used to have a kenwood version that sealed the edges and made a diagnonal seal across the sandwich too. Haven't had a toastie like that for years, but now have a proper, proper craving for it, to the point where I may even have to go to Argos to get myself a toastie maker!

I always feel a bit sorry for the celebrity children, but at least they have the fame to carry it off (hopefully). I feel worse for the normal, everyday kids who have to live through comprehensive school with those sorts of names!


I had a cat called Maximillian Marmaduke Montgomery. He was a bit of a celeb, at least in our house anyway.

This is what I should have called my four boys.

Thumper Drumstick (Michael).

Pothead Lazybones (Simon).

Edward Longshanks (Ashley....he's 6ft 5ins tall).

Librarycard Readalot (Robert).

Don't get me wrong I love them all dearly. But was it tough bringing them up.



Wishes - now I want a toastie maker too! My Breville one did that diagonal seal thing as well. I also used to have one that was shaped like a cow and was going to take it to uni but we were told 'no toastie machines, fire risk' and I was good and didn't take it, then I lost it (or my mum hid it, for some reason she hated it esp the way the cow's head fell off all the time). Grrr, I should just have smuggled it in - still don't understand the logic in toastie machines banned as a fire risk but smoking in rooms is fine. How many people fall asleep in bed with a lit toastie maker?

re the names (so as not to get entirely off a topic I started lol) - yes, it is easier if you go to school with other weirdly named kids and never need to go for an interview at a law firm/bank etc with a name like Strawberry Autumn Delight.


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