hi guys

i will try not to push religion on you or anything, but just wondered what you guys were giving up for lent, or rather taking up ?

in view of taking up a healthy body, i was gonna see if i could last long enough without needing costa :S failed that one, so i have given up alcohol, not very difficult with all the visits to costa and medication i am taking!!!

couldnt do the whole chocolate one as thats my comfort :( and treat ;) hehe

x x x

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  • I go to church but never manage to give up anything for Lent. Have tried chocolate many times but just couldnt manage to give it up. If I have chocolate in the cupboard it sort of 'calls' to me and I just have to eat it. As my husband says, I am very weak-willed on the choc front.

  • My daughter wants me to stop telling her off for lent!! Instead we are trying to get to a 'mini' mass at school before school starts every Monday, my asthma allowing.

  • haha, no chocolate is my comfort :) so will never work!!

    no sadly i have to miss church again this week :( grr!! at least songs of praise is on later... bet ur daughter be happy if u can stick to that one of not telling her off, but i am sure it depends on how good she is lol

    x x x

  • I was gonna give up alcohol and smoking - I dont do either so I cant fail!

    I decided to really test myself and give up chocolate which I eat every day. Ive replaced my daily chocolate habit with sweets and lolly pops and going strong!

    Ive been blessed with a very strong mind so Im feeling rather invincible!

  • haha like that. never thought of that - giving up something i dont do in the first place , no brainer really!!

    good luck with the lollys + sweets hehe


  • I dont have a sweet tooth at all, so hate deserts, cake, choc etc...

    HOWEVER if you asked me to give up crisps.... then no way!!


  • Im thinking bout giving up sleeping through the night.

    I also thought bout giving up being awake till stupid o clock.

    Now that could be a difficult one!!


  • howie

    i would love to give up being awake til stupid o'clock or indeed being awake continuously full stop so i can indeed sleep!!!!

    good luck either way!!

    crisps snowy, ouch, no way!

    x x x

  • howie - I thought you had given up sleeping at night already!!

  • I always used to say I was giving up something I never have anyway such as jam sandwiches (don't like them) or cigarettes (I've never smoked and never will). One year I successfully gave up chocolate, which was quite an achievement for me!

  • My first set of exams at uni (a horrendous lot, 11 3-hour papers in a week) were during Lent. I considered saying I had given up taking exams for Lent and could they please respect my beliefs ;)

    A friend always gives up caffeine - she drinks gallons of Coke normally. One year she switched to Mountain Dew, not realising it has even more caffeine than Coke! A week in she wondered why she wasn't getting the usual withdrawal symptoms.

    This year I've decided on alcohol and cigarettes - can't fail! Chocolate would not happen. I don't have many vices (of the eating/drinking sort anyway) so I figure I deserve that one - and I do it properly! I don't have a sweet tooth, it's 70%+ all the way.

  • every year i say cheese or yorkshire puddings but i cant not eat them lol

  • Thought I ought to reply to this post. I have joked over the years about giving up work for lent! Well I actually managed it for 3wks! Shame it was because I've been ill.

    I've given up facebook apart from once a day to put a biblical thought for the day. I also but down on drinking too much sprite. Facebook has been difficult this year cause I've been off. I always say lent is about taking something up such as instead of facebook I've been reading a devotional book. Also a lent study course, which has made me think.

    Anyway must sign off and try to take up sleep, if I'm to get up for wrk tomorrow. .

  • hope ur all staying strong in your giving up for lent missions :)

    very very VERY tempted with mine but seeing as on meds still, no chance luckily!!

    nice mojito would be quite nice tho

    x x x

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