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Nick names

This week ive had to wear glasses and got wear them every day now and worse because I didnt wear them last year and they ended up in the bin.

Had new ones 2 days now and today is the first day all my family will see them.

Going back to my name haha.

My hair is in a bob and when put my glasses on I said i felt like Olive off - On The Buses .

So now my son and hubby have a new name for me ggrrr!!!!

So thought this would be just for a bit of a laugh finding out what your family and friends call you and

the reason why if there is a reason so I will start it xx

Olive - because my son heard me say I felt like her when put glasses son for first time .

Gladys- My best friend from babies calls it me .We are both 45 now and the only one who calls it me

as similar to glynis xxx

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I am sneezyrie to my family as I always woke up sneezing as a child! (Still do!)




My name is Anne but most people I know call me Annie (especially when they want something). My boss, whose father was Polish calls Annouchka. Or Nouchk. Or Nouchki-Nouch. I get my revenge by calling him Master.


my nick name is the wheezy penguin.. for obvious reasons lol


I have many nicknames, some of which aren't printable on here lol.

My main one is also my user name on here, Yorkieiron, due to the fact that I am from Yorkshire and support Scunthorpe United (nicknamed The Iron), since I moved to Grimsby both Yorkieshire people and Scunthorpe supporters are rare so I always get Yokieiron, or Yorkie for short.

My Scunthorpe supporting mates call me Cod Iron due to living in Grimsby, people from Grimsby are known as Codheads

The one nickname that I always used to get was Junior Lomu, named after the New Zealand rugby player, god only knows how I got that nickname !


snowy - as i am snowy owl leader in my brownie pack

chell/ shelly - as its short for my actual name

hun/sweet - what my flatmate friends call me

nothing bad :)



Mine are

a-j as its short for my first name

amanda as i shorted my name

manda as people are lazy

jamie as my sister thinks its funny


Cilla because I once dyed my hair red and for some reason work friends decided it was similar to Cilla Black!

I am also known as Sister Cilla as when on a weekend trip to Alton Towers and attempting the Squirrel Nutkins ride with my friend who is now known as Sister Mary, for some reason we adopted these names (ofcourse it could have something to do with the fact that we spent most of the time in one of the pubs there!!!!). It goes without saying that the Suirrel Nutkins ride is pure whiteknuckle!!!!



My Dad always called me Minky. No-one else did. Just him.


My nickname at work is Revd Sr.i'm a junior sr at work and I'm also a priest, hence Revd Sr. Binnsy gets added on to at times or just Binnsy. And the other day on of my congregation called me Kermit. I collect frogs.


my nickname in work is blodwen 6.

blodwen is a friendly welsh word and in work there are ow 8 welsh people, blowen 1-8

as i am the 6th welsh person to start, i am thererfore blodwen 6 haha



my nickname is ickle monsterrr, becuz of the noises i make when am wheezy, lol!!!


For years I was know as ""Kat the Rat"" around the Hereford because I used to walk around Hereford with two ratties on my shoulder. Oh I miss those days! Now I am ""Lottie's Mummy."" Now if we were talking about nicknames for the dog, well there are loads.


friends calling me snuffly at the mo for obviously reasons cos of darn hayfever!!!



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