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Strange breathing before talking!!

Hi again, I seem to posting on here all the time lately, it's such a great place to talk and share advice and tips, etc.

We have started to notice that whenever Leo is about to start talking to us, he takes in a huge breath first, which I must admit does make us laugh because it sounds so funny and he looks so cute when he does it, as if he is about to blow up a huge balloon or about to hold his breath under water, that kind of sound if you can see what I mean? I was just wondering if this is a typical asthma-related behaviour? Has anyone else come across it?

In between asthma attacks (usually every 6 wks or so) his breathing is usually totally normal, ie you would never know he had asthma at all apart from when he is running around, which often causes him to cough a lot. Apart from that this funny, sharp intake of breath is the only other hint that he is an asthmatic and I wondered out of curiosity if anyone else's LOs do the same?

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Hi, I've only just found this site. My 7yr old daughter does this, and takes deep breaths between words in the middle of a sentence, we used to think it was really cute too, then she was diagnosed as asthmatic and we realised this was part of it! I suppose she's never going to be an opera singer!!


I don't have any children but think I do that too - I sometimes find myself taking in a big breath and have to stop doing it as it doesn't help at all (as physio has told me).

Just wanted to say - I know you didn't necessarily mean it seriously Sam1 - that singing can actually be a very good thing to do with asthma! If nothing else it improves breathing technique which generally helps asthma (I'm not a Buteyko advocate or anything, just know that it can be easy to breathe wrong if you're asthmatic which doesn't improve matters. My GP says most asthmatics do have some degree of incorrect breathing or breathing too much so your children might have this issue as well).


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