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Mummy Help Me

I have just finished reading Help Me Mummy, I can't Breathe. Its a mothers diary made into a book about how she dealt with her daughters asthma. It is horrifying what the little girl and her mother had to go through but at the same time it was compelling. I didn't want to book the book down . The little girl was born in 1978. Her first asthma attack was when she was 2. She was finally recognised and treated for asthma when she was 6. Has anyone else read this book?

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yes have its truly inspirational and amazing how far asthma diagnosis and treatments have come. I leant mine to a friend who I have lost touch with now. Do you know where I can get a copy of this to re-read?


Hi I got my copy from amazon. Its not a new copy as its quite an old book, written in 1980 something. I think Sara was eight and she was on the correct meds with her asthma under control for the most part. I would love to know what became of her and if she perhaps grew out of her asthma. Maybe someone on here will know of her. Hope you manage to get a copy of this book

www. amazon.co.uk


Maybe it just me but I couldnt think of anything worse than reading about something my son lives everyday !


no i havnt read this book but im going to town today so will hav a look for it


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