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Hi my 2 year old son was diagnosed with asthma last may he has had 20+ admissions to hospital and fifth of those times it was an over night stay. My partner and I both work full time so he goes to a preschool in the mornings and my mum/sister and my dad will collect and look after him in the afternoon times. I am having to have time off for hospital/doctors visits/stays and when he is too unwell and this is putting a strain on my security at the company. the problem is my family smoke and refuse to give up, they dont smoke around him (makes no difference i know) but i cannot afford full time childcare and this is also putting a strain on my relationships with them i dont waqnt to have to rely on them.

Is there any type of help or funding from local health authorities or government scheme that can help with the cost of child care not just because of his asthma but mainly? i know it is a long shot but if anybody has any info it would be appreciated.

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hi there

You could contact your local council and ask about their direct payments schemes or you could try and claim dla from the department of wrk and pensions- keep trying with the dla tho its frustrating and you often get turned down first time. If your sons asthma is that bad then they should be able to help. Obviously it goes without saying smoking in front of him is a no no and the invisible smoke too will affect him especially if its one of his triggers! Hope you get on ok let us know how it all goes! Xx


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